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Antonio Brown Reportedly Refusing to Leave Home as Police Attempt to Make Arrest

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Antonio Brown saga continues as police have tried to reach the former NFL star as they attempt to serve an arrest warrant for domestic violence. Brown has been locked up inside his home all day Thursday. Law enforcement does not believe that he is a threat, but has been persistent in their attempts to contact him.

Police negotiators were speaking with Antonio Brown via megaphone at one point Thursday evening, per multiple reports. According to the victim of the alleged domestic dispute, Brown threw a shoe at her earlier in the day. The alleged victim is the mother of four of Brown’s children.

After throwing the shoe, Brown locked the victim out of the home, along with the children in the home.

Amy Dash of CBS Sports and Fox Sports had a Twitter thread detailing what police were going through during the negotiations. The victim told law enforcement that Brown did have two guns in the home. He reportedly threatened to shoot the woman if she tried to come back into the home.

According to Dash, the police report says that Antonio Brown, “placed an informal eviction notice on the door … with 11/28/2022 at the date showing the victim has 7 days to gather her belongings and leave.

“The suspect continued throughout the incident to state that the victim had no right to be at that residence or to even gain entry to it because she did not live there. The victim’s ID has the listed address as her residence as of 10/18/2022.”

Antonio Brown Situation ‘Active Investigation’

Despite his best efforts to just ignore what is going on outside of his home, Antonio Brown is not in the clear. Police, according to Dash, have made it clear that they are still trying to arrest the former NFL player. They even reportedly told him “we’re not going anywhere” at one point.

This is an “active investigation” according to police. Tampa Bay police also made it clear that they have tried multiple times to arrest Brown during this process.

The entire situation has played out in a bizarre saga. There was a report that he was going to be arrested to start the day today, and things just got weirder after that. With so many reports out there, it is hard to get the exact details. However, this is what police and media are about the scene in Tampa.

There will likely be more details released in the coming days as this situation unfolds.