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Antonio Brown Reportedly Still Locked Inside His Home Despite Police Obtaining Arrest Warrant

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/WireImage)

Six days have passed since Tampa police obtained an arrest warrant for Antonio Brown. But the former NFL wide receiver continues to refuse to leave his home, according to a report.

League of Justice reports that Brown has spent the last six days locked inside his home as police have attempted to arrest him. A warrant was obtained on Dec. for Brown’s arrest regarding an alleged domestic violence incident.

The report also states that there’s been a “heavy police presence” around Brown’s for the past few days. The warrant remains active and there’s “no other option” but for Brown to be arrested or to turn himself in.

Police allegedly attempted to speak with Brown about leaving the home but he repeatedly refused to exit the premises. Authorities have not taken more aggressive measures to arrest the former wide receiver at this time.

According to the report, police don’t have major concerns about Brown’s health or well-being, as he’s been in contact with others during the past six days.

While Brown has been in the news quite a bit this year, this might be one of the more bizarre stories of 2022.

Why is There an Arrest Warrant for Antonio Brown?

Police first showed up at Antonio Brown’s residence with an arrest warrant last Thursday. The reason is because of an alleged domestic violence incident that occurred in Tampa, Florida.

Aaron Mesmer of FOX 13 provided the details of the situation. The mother of four of Brown’s children says he “locked her out of her Tampa house, tossed out her belongings, threatened to shoot her, threw her shoe at her, then refused (Tampa PD) request to come out.”

Word got out early on Thursday that Tampa police obtained a warrant for Brown’s arrest. At this time, though, authorities still do not have the former wide receiver in custody.