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Antonio Brown Reveals Team He Wants to Play for Next

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Antonio Brown saga could be continuing, Outsiders. The seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver recently opened up about the team he wants to play for next.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Antonio Brown was released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That decision came after the Bucs’ week 17 matchup against the New York Jets. You might recall that Brown left the field in the middle of the game. He took off his pads, his undershirt, and jogged off while gesturing toward the crowd.

However, AB is already talking about the possibility of signing with a new team. He has had his fair share of drama and controversy in the past, so it’s not like this is anything new. It just comes down to which team will be willing to take a shot on him.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Antonio Brown already has one team in mind that he’d like to play for. That would be the Baltimore Ravens. He explained how much respect he has for Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson during a recent appearance on the I AM ATHLETE podcast.

“Lamar Jackson,” Brown said. “Action Jackson. Let’s give Lamar Jackson his flowers. Shout out to Lamar Jackson, that’s it. Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback.”

In addition, Brown’s cousin also plays for the Ravens. Marquise Brown — who also goes by the name “Hollywood” Brown — is a fellow wide receiver on the team.

“A.B. he’s a guy that’s going to bring the best out of you,” Marquise previously told “I feel like he could fit in this locker room. He’s a guy that’s competitive. He’s going to go out there and give 100 percent, and seeing stuff like that is going to make other guys want to do the same.”

Hollywood told the outlet that he’s been working out with Antonio since he was in college.

NFL Fans Don’t Think Antonio Brown to the Ravens Would Work Out

Just about everyone has their own opinion when it comes to Antonio Brown and his antics both on and off the field. NFL fans on Twitter made their thoughts clear — they don’t think Brown to the Ravens would be a good fit.

“Does he realize that the Ravens are a run first team?” one fan asked. “He be throwing teammates in Week 1 for not getting the ball. He also said he wanted to play with Brady, got his chance, and threw him under the bus. He’ll do the same for a run first team.”

“I’m a Bengals fan and I think it would be a great idea,” a second fan said. “When are people going to realize Lamar is nothing special? If he is the second best QB in the division it’s only by default because Browns and Pitt don’t have real ones. Any team that picks up AB will get what they deserve.”

One person, though, thinks that pairing the Brown cousins together would be a good thing for Antonio.

“To be fair, it seems as if AB values his family a lot so hopefully playing with his close cousin keeps him in check if not by himself, then by someone in the family that watched over both of them.