Antonio Brown Says Recent Tom Brady Comments Were ‘Taken Out of Substance’

by Samantha Whidden

Just a little over a week after he questioned the friendship he had with NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Antonio Brown is looking to clear the air about the comments he made about his former Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate.

As previously reported, Antonio Brown declared during his interview with Full Send Podcast that he wasn’t sure about his friendship with Brady at the time. “To me, a friend is someone who’s got your back. Not everybody in sports is going to be your friend. Tom Brady’s my friend, why? Because I’m a good football player. He needs me to play football. People have different meanings of what friendship is.”

However, now Antonio Brown is now declaring that Brady is a true friend to him. While chatting with TMZ, Brown stated, “Listen, I love Tom. That’s my guy. Don’t get it twisted. A lot of words were taken out of substance.”

Antonio Brown also described Brady as being one of his true friends in the “midst of adversity” that was there for him. “So don’t get it twisted about nothing with Tom Brady.”

In regards to his behavior on the field during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus New York Jets game at the beginning of January, Antonio Brown admitted he could have handled the situation a bit differently. “Obviously, I could’ve handled my emotions. But, sometimes under anger, you may not handle yourself the right way.”

Tom Brady Shared His Reaction to Antonio Brown’s Epic Meltdown on the Field 

Following Antonio Brown’s now-infamous meltdown on the field, Tom Brady revealed his reaction to the incident. When asked about Brown’s actions, Brady said, “I think we all want him to [find help] in ways that he really needs it. We all love him and care about him deeply. I think everyone should be compassionate and empathetic toward some very difficult things that are happening.”

Antonio Brown previously issued a statement about his release from the Buccaneers. He revealed that he felt pressure directly from Coach Bruce Arias to play through his ankle injury. He revealed that he felt pressure directly from Coach Bruce Arias to play through his ankle injury. “Despite the pain, I suited up, the staff injected with what I now know was a powerful and sometimes dangerous painkiller that the NFLPA has warned against using. And I gave it my all for the team.”

Unfortunately, the pain was too much for Antonio Brown to handle. During the game, he decided to sit down so he could give his ankle a break. But he was met with an angry coach who told him to get back on the field. He also confirmed that Arias knew about his injury.  “It was well-documented and we had discussed it. He then ordered me to get on the field. I said, ‘Coach, I can’t.’ He didn’t call for medical attention. Instead, he shouted at me, ‘YOU’RE DONE!’ While he ran his finger across his throat.”