Antonio Brown Speaks: Former Bucs Star Posts Goodbye Note on Social Media

by Amy Myers

Today, Antonio Brown’s career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended, and whether or not it was intentional, he signed off with a farewell message on social media.

Following his aggravated behavior on the sidelines during the third quarter against the New York Jets, Brown took off his cleats – perhaps for the last time – and took to social media with a series of photos, all with a different message.

The most recent seemed to be a direct response to today’s events. Though the wide receiver was clearly angry at the time, he is already looking back on his career with optimism. On Instagram, the Buccaneer wrote,”Big MAD (Making A Difference ),” Brown wrote in the caption. “Thanks for the opportunity.”

Antonio Brown posted a photo of himself during a previous game with the Buccaneers. The shot seemed to be from the millisecond before he snagged the ball out of the air with one hand.

The photo and message seemed to signify that Brown accepted the consequence of decisions and knew that he likely wouldn’t be able to play in the NFL again. Already, his coach, Bruce Arians, denounced the wide receiver from the team. And it’s not likely any team will want him, either, after the display.

Antonio Brown Shares Two Other Strange Photos on Social Media

Just an hour prior, Brown posted another photo of himself, this time in an outfit from his clothing line with NovaMEN. Again, he captioned the photo with a positive message about his football career.

“Football is what we do, not who we are! Love @novamen #Boomin,” he wrote.

Perhaps the strangest of the series, though, was the photo he posted of himself in regular clothes with the caption, “Super Gremlin.”

Take a look.

The outfit seems to be the same one that he wore prior to the game and what he changed into after his departure. Perhaps the photo means nothing more than any other flattering photo of himself on his Instagram. But it does seem odd that his first photo after leaving the field would be such a casual shot as if nothing had happened. The caption nor the photo seems to acknowledge his actions on the sidelines of the game, and yet, Antonio Brown continued on as if it were just another normal day for the wide receiver.

To be fair, Brown’s actions are far from the first bit of bad publicity that he’s received this season. Just a few months ago, Antonio Brown submitted a fake coronavirus vaccination card that got him suspended for three games. Still, given the stern statement from his former coach and response from fans, you might expect him to abstain from any personal endorsements at least until the next day.