Antonio Brown Speaks Out on Potential NFL Return: ‘Tell Jerry Jones to Call Me’

by Patrick Norton

Between his blossoming rap career, strange Tik Tok dances, and the wild on-field occurrences that plagued his fruitful NFL presence, Antonio Brown truly has an eye for the eccentricities of life. However, after boasting about his biggest regrets in life and comparing his play to “Jesus [performing] at Red Rocks”, the receiver might feel some remorse about the way his time in the NFL ended.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, when told “people want you to come back to football,” Brown has a quick, eyebrow-raising response. “Tell Jerry Jones to call me,” said the former NFL journeyman. The interviewer then asks where Brown thinks he could end up. The 34-year-old responds, “In the sky,” while pointing toward the sun.

Finally, the reporter shifts focus to a prominent figure in Brown’s past, asking if the receiver has spoken with Tom Brady recently. The former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver with TB12 said, “no, but tell him I miss the passes.” Making an odd gesture lacking clear meaning, Brown quips, “I’m still open.”

Whether his openness is in regards to his unemployed status or describing his route-running remains unknown. However, the one certainty in the situation is the interviewer’s hyperbole.

Could Antonio Brown Legitimately Help the Dallas Cowboys

Brown’s forlorn attempt to get Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the horn feels like an empty threat. However, Jones has a lengthy history of employing players written off as bad eggs. The billionaire lugs around plenty of baggage himself, but sometimes deflects the spotlight to questionable characters on the turf.

But Brown’s interest in the NFC East contender makes a little sense when putting aside how he trotted off the field midgame last season with Tampa Bay. Dallas finds itself down two prominent figures in the receiving corps before the regular season sees its first snap.

James Washington likely misses the first quarter of the schedule after injuring his foot in training camp. Meanwhile, Michael Gallup still isn’t 100% after his ACL surgery last season. Could AB slot in opposite CeeDee Lamb? With Jerry Jones pulling the strings, anything is possible in The Big D.