WATCH: Antonio Brown Struts Fashion Show Runway in Ridiculous Outfit

by Dustin Schutte

By now, we’ve learned that Antonio Brown doesn’t have to be on a football field to make headlines. The NFL wide receiver has been known to captivate audiences with some of his antics outside the stadium recently.

This time, Brown raised eyebrows while participating in a fashion show. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s a real sentence you just read.

What’s more outlandish than Brown strutting down the runway in New York City? How about the outfit he sported while stealing the spotlight? It’s part overalls, part parachute pants, part cocktail dress. And it’s 100% ridiculous.

And you thought AB going shirtless in New York while leaving the field during a football game might be the most ridiculous thing you ever saw.

Functionality and fashion shows don’t necessarily go hand in hand. It’s not really uncommon to see outfits similar to this down a runway. It is, however, unique to see an NFL wide receiver modeling such an interesting look.

We can’t wait to see if Brown decides to wear something like this out in public.

Antonio Brown’s Adventures Outside the NFL

Antonio Brown’s appearance on the runway in New York isn’t his first stop on a big stage recently. He also took the microphone at Rolling Loud in Miami, performing in front of a large crowd.

The receiver’s song actually got plenty of compliments. His dance moves, though, were an entirely different topic. Social media buzzed after seeing Brown take the stage in Miami in July

Even though he’s not hauling in touchdown passes right now, Brown has no trouble making some headlines. First it was a concert in Miami, then a runway appearance in New York.

We can’t wait to see where AB’s adventures take him next.