Antonio Brown Update: New Details Surface About Fallout With Bucs Coach

by Jonathan Howard

The Antonio Brown situation keeps getting more and more strange. His recent visit to a surgeon to get an MRI shows his injury claim might be legit.

Soon after Brown exited the game against the Jets, there were all kinds of things being said about the exit. All we knew for sure was that a conversation was had between Brown and head coach Bruce Arians. After that conversation, Brown was apparently no longer on the team.

His exit fueled memes and NFL news for the last 48 hours. One report of the situation stated that Brown believed he was not healthy enough to go back into the game. He had already played snaps but was apparently in pain on the sideline. His coaches apparently felt he was fine to play.

Now, after consulting with a doctor outside of the Bucs’ organization, there is a new layer to this story. Antonio Brown received an MRI and apparently, there is a reason why he would be in pain. Not a lot has been said, but here is what Rick Stroud, NFL and Bucs insider, said about the matter.

Right now, fans are waiting for the official results of the MRI to come out. Due to the exit, Brown missed out on a potential $1 million worth of bonuses. He needed just a handful of catches, a few dozen yards, and a touchdown score to reach those bonuses.

When coach Arians was asked after the fact about a potential injury he didn’t confirm or deny it. “I don’t know that he was [injured].”

So, it seems that there is going to be more to this story than originally thought. Is this a situation that the player’s association gets involved in?

Antonio Brown Fallout Chaos

There has just been so much back and forth in this situation. The two sides were clearly not on great terms to start. This just seemed to add to the fire and make it one they couldn’t extinguish. Antonio Brown has now been released by four teams.

Since the incident on Sunday Brown has been spotted out in public. He was courtside at the Memphis Grizzlies and Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center. Then he was seen out with rapper Fabolous. There is a big difference between feeling good enough to go to a basketball game and going full speed in an NFL game as a receiver.

In the aftermath of the incident, there have been comments from his brother in the media, comments from others not involved, and even a betting line put out for a boxing match with Jake Paul. Don’t worry, the match is hypothetical. Brown opens as the underdog, though.

So, Antonio Brown. Will he end up on another team? Or are his days done? It remains to be seen.