Antonio Brown’s Brother Explains What Cryptic ‘Super Gremlin’ Means

by Leanne Stahulak

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind for the NFL community and especially former Tampa Bay Bucs player Antonio Brown.

During Sunday’s match between the Bucs and the New York Jets, Brown stripped off his shoulder pads, jersey, gloves, and undershirt in the middle of the third quarter. He walked through the field and out through the locker room, throwing up the peace sign at fans. At that time, the Bucs were down 24-10, though they eventually rallied to win the game 28-24.

Right after the game, Antonio Brown took to Instagram to post a cryptic message that at first didn’t seem to reference the game. The post featured a photo of him in civilian clothes, the same outfit he wore before the game. The caption just read, “Super Gremlin.”

Fans didn’t quite know what to make of it, or Brown’s two other follow-up posts (though one did seem to reference that he knew his NFL career was over). But earlier today, Brown’s younger brother, Desmond Brown, spoke to the Daily Caller about the incident.

At one point, Desmond specifically referenced the “Super Gremlin” post and provided a potential explanation for it. He said “Super Gremlin” is a rap song that was recently released by Kodak Black, “a rapper that’s from Florida near where we’re from. It’s a song about being betrayed by people that were close to you.”

So, who supposedly betrayed Antonio Brown? His younger brother Desmond wonders if it was the Bucs head coach, Bruce Arians. Although he doesn’t “want to point any fingers because [he] could be wrong.”

Did Antonio Brown and the Tampa Bay Bucs Coach Have Beef?

In Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians’ eyes, Antonio Brown disobeyed orders. After the game, Arians told Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer what went down before Brown walked off the field.

“Just talked to Bruce Arians who said he was trying to get AB to go into game & AB refused. Tried again Brown refused & Arians told him to get out,” Glazer tweeted. “On if he saw AB take his jersey off. ‘Yeah, I did. Never seen anything like it in all my years.’”

But earlier today, Antonio Brown posted another reference to the “Super Gremlin” song and jokes made about his mid-game exit. He posted a brief message on his Instagram Story that featured the same photo of him in civilian clothing before the game.

“I knew the game was still going,” Brown wrote in the message. “I left cause I’m super gremlin.”

Meaning, he felt he was betrayed by someone. Now that Desmond Brown’s confirmed the reference the big question still remains: Who betrayed him? And how did they do it? Stay tuned for more info, Outsiders.