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Antonio Brown’s Warrant Details Revealed as Former NFL WR Reportedly Faces Arrest

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

More details have been reported as it relates to Antonio Brown’s impending arrest. Aaron Mesmer of FOX 13 revealed some of the troubling details regarding the situation involving the former NFL wide receiver.

Per Mesmer’s report, the mother of four of Brown’s children say he “locked her out of her Tampa house, tossed out her belongings, threatened to shoot her, threw her shoe at her, then refused (Tampa PD) request to come out.”

Early on Thursday morning, Scott Smith of FOX 13 reported that Antonio Brown was “about to be arrested in Tampa” on allegations of domestic violence. At the time, details were unknown regarding the situation.

Over the past months, Brown has faced multiple legal issues. The reports on Thursday have been the most serious.

The ugly details of Antonio Brown’s impending arrest are the latest in a series of legal issues the former NFL wide receiver has faced. In October, he was ordered to pay a moving truck driver $1.2 million that he assaulted in 2020.

A jury in Broward County, Florida ruled in favor of Anton Tumanov, who filed a lawsuit against Brown in 2021, per TMZ Sports. The driver alleged that Brown assaulted him over payment while making a delivery.

Brown did not appear or respond to the hearings.

Tumanov claimed that he sustained “severe bodily injuries” in the attack. Brown was hit with criminal charges, but agreed to probation and community service to have them dropped.

Antonio Brown Allegedly Exposes Himself in Hotel Pool

In September, guests at a Dubai hotel complained to staff that Antonio Brown exposed himself while in the pool. The former receiver also faced backlash after harassing a woman while at the hotel.

At first, the woman attempted to laugh off the encounter. However, Brown became aggressive, picking the woman up and slamming her into the water. She was finally able to swim away from Brown.

Other complaints against Brown at the hotel included breaking the dress code and allegedly smoking marijuana in his room.