Arch Manning Keeps Level Head Despite National Hype

by Chase Thomas
Photo credit: Tim Warner/Getty Images

You know the story of Peyton Manning. You know the story of Eli Manning. And, soon, you will know the story of Arch Manning, son of Eli and Peyton’s brother, Cooper.

The class of 2023 quarterback is the junior QB that every top SEC program wants. UGA, Alabama, Ole Miss, Texas, LSU, and the list goes on of high-profile schools who would love to snag a commitment from Arch.

Again, he is only a junior in high school. But, when your name is Arch Manning, this comes with the territory. All eyes are on Arch now and they will be on Arch for the rest of his football career. The expectations are through the roof. They will continue to be through the roof. His high school numbers confirm that.

Arch is the first-ever recruit, and consensus #1 prospect, in On3’s player database. The hype is real for Arch Manning. For premier schools around the country, it is less “We want Bama!” and more “We want Arch!”


What does Arch’s high school coach think of how the kid is handling this pressure?

“I think there’s a natural pressure, but I think he’s just one of those kids who is a high achiever and has high standards. It’s just how he’s wired. He doesn’t get caught up in it.” – Nelson Stewart, Manning’s coach at Isidore Newman School

Arch Manning is the real deal

This is the kind of comment you want to hear from Arch’s high school coach. This is a lot of pressure, playing the position he does with the name he has. Arch has to be comfortable with the spotlight at such a young age and not let it affect his game. Those comments about being a “high achiever” who “doesn’t get caught up in it” certainly sounds like a Manning quarterback, doesn’t it? Arch goes about his business and wins football games.

More from his coach in New Orleans:

“He has such a good level of humility,” said Nelson Stewart, Manning’s coach at Isidore Newman School. “He doesn’t like attention and he doesn’t draw attention to himself.

Arch stays off social media for the most part. This is important, and also rare for a high school prospect like Arch. Traditionally, you see high school kids heavily involved on social media to announce which schools are chasing them. They want to stay in the limelight and promote themselves and their brand. According to his coach, that is not Arch Manning.

“It is a huge rarity, but it’s also very refreshing,” Stewart said. “I think now kids look at scholarship offers almost like a patch on a letter jacket. It’s not about the offers, it’s about announcing you’re blessed and humbled and whatnot to draw attention to yourself. It’s so refreshing to have a kid that’s not that way.”

On3 gave Arch their highest grade ever, but that doesn’t appear to be an issue for Arch. He really is a different kind of high school prospect.