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Arian Foster Backs Up Andre Johnson for Ripping Into Texans Over Deshaun Watson Situation

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Andre Johnson got some backup from ex-teammate Arian Foster. So both former Houston Texans are sharing support for embattled quarterback DeShaun Watson.

Johnson openly criticized Houston’s management on social media this week. Foster sided with Johnson, saying if the “calmest cat on the planet” is upset, there must be something wrong.

First, a bit of back story. The Texans are in a mess, even with stars like Deshaun Watson and J.J. Watt. After making the playoffs in four of the past five seasons, the Texans stumbled to a 4-12 record, with half their wins coming against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bill O’Brien, the team’s general manager and head coach, was fired halfway through the season.

Deshaun Watson is Houston’s talented, 25-year-old quarterback. He is the franchise’s present and future. Houston signed him to a $160 million extension last summer. Watson believes he should have a say in the team’s new leadership.

Deshaun Watson Had No Say In Texans GM Hire

Watson and Andre Johnson, the former Texans wide receiver, were members of a small search committee. But Watson said he had no say when team owner Cal McNair hired Nick Caserio as the new general manager. Now, there are trade rumors. Will Caserio shop Watson?

So Johnson, the first real Texans star, made his feelings known about the snub of Deshaun Watson. He posted on Twitter:

“If I’m Deshaun Watson I will stand my ground. The Texans organization is known for wasting players careers. Since Jack Easterby has walk(ed) into the building nothing good has happened in/for the organization and for some reason someone can’t seem to see what’s going on. Pathetic!!!”

Johnson referred to Jack Easterby, a team executive who had been the Texans interim general manager. He didn’t get the full-time promotion.

Arian Foster Says Andre Johnson Knows What’s Up

So now comes Arian Foster, another popular former Texan. He’s the team’s all-time leading rusher. He’d left the Texans before Deshaun Watson was drafted. Foster tweeted: “I don’t keep up with much in the league so idk who buddy is. but i kno (sic) my brother. and for him to get this outta pocket means there’s gotta be f–kery lol. dre is the calmest cat on the planet.”

What happens now?

The Texans still are looking for a head coach. And whomever is hired, the first order of business will be calming Watson.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Watson discovered Caserio was hired by reading it on social media. Watson’s only reaction to Caserio taking over the Texans was in a tweet. He wrote “somethings never change. …” And then he deleted the tweet. It’s been that kind of offseason.