Arizona Cardinals’ DeAndre Hopkins Flips Off Referee After Pass Interference Call

by Chris Haney

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was left furious over an offensive pass interference penalty called against him during Sunday’s matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. In fact, he took his frustrations out on a referee when he flipped him off in the middle of the game.

The Cardinals struggled throughout most of the game after starting quarterback Kyler Murray went out with a leg injury. Backup QB Chris Streveler took over in the first quarter and couldn’t get much going during Arizona’s 18-7 loss.

As Hopkins’ team trailed 15-7 in the third quarter, the perennial Pro Bowler made what looked like a huge play. However, refs called offensive pass interference on Hopkins during Streveler’s deep pass. Facing double coverage from two Rams defenders, Hopkins dove over a defender to amazingly catch the low pass. Hopkins obviously disagreed with the ref’s call and let the ref know it when he shot him the bird.

Following the play, the receiver was adamant that he did not interfere with the defender. That continued after the game when DeAndre Hopkins reshared a clip of the play in question as further evidence to his innocence. He added that the defender didn’t even make a play for the ball.

Yet, this isn’t the first time Hopkins has let out his frustrations by flipping off someone.

DeAndre Hopkins Flipping People off is Becoming a Habit

Before his Sunday Night Football matchup against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 7, Hopkins was seen driving his black Ferrari through a caravan of Trump supporters and flipping them off.

A miles-long caravan in support of President Donald Trump drove through the Phoenix, AZ area. Hundreds of automobiles rode down Arizona highways in a parade-style event that led up to the November presidential election.

Numerous Trump supporters riding in the caravan took pictures and video of Hopkins speeding in and out of lanes. Additionally, the wide receiver could be seen holding up both of his middle fingers to the crowd. Many in the caravan said the NFL star drove recklessly and could have endangered people’s lives.

Richard Williams, a Trump supporter in the caravan, posted a photo he took of the incident on Twitter. Williams was angry at Hopkins for endangering the caravan, which included his 8-year-old son.

“@DeAndreHopkins My 8 yr old son was in one of the cars you were swerving in and out of as you were disrupting the PHX Trump Train drive and trying to cause an accident. You’re a piece of trash. Make your political statements, but you (put) people at risk today,” his post read while tagging ESPN and the Arizona Cardinals organization.