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Arkansas BBQ Restaurant Bans SEC Officials Until Arkansas Beats Alabama

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

One northwest Arkansas BBQ restaurant’s had enough of SEC officiating, so it made the obvious move of banning the refs until the Razorbacks beat Alabama.

The popular eatery reacted to Alabama’s 42-35 win over Arkansas on Saturday. The Razorbacks were seeking their first win over the Crimson Tide since 2006 and their first in Tuscaloosa since 2003.

Arkansas social media fans reveled in the decision. One Twitter fan said he wished he could like the post more than once.

One fan named Dillon Smith agreed with the move, saying, “Let me know your Venmo, and I’ll send you $20 towards the sign!”

Another fan, Mitch Weigel, said the restaurant needed to ban SEC commish Greg Sankey for “his lack of oversight or willingness to keep two teams in the CFP playoffs.”

The restaurant has two locations, Bentonville and Johnson.

Enforcing The No SEC Ref Ban

The question is: How do you enforce it? Do you check for SEC officials at the door?

According to The Tuscaloosa News, Lee Hedrick was the top referee of that Saturday game with Michael Moten umpiring. The judges were Tim Beard, Michael Watson, Scotty Melancon, Michael Williams, and Mike Block. If any of those guys love them some “Toothpick State” barbecue, they best be looking elsewhere.

One Twitter fan took his case to the SEC Officiating Twitter account. That account usually posts updates over weekend games, and this past week does not have any official posts. It’s last coming on Nov. 11.

Twitter user Jimmy Bolt said, “Would someone please review the Arkansas game. The no-calls were just terrible. Alabama players with hands to the head, pass interference, the intentionally wicked hit on a star player (NFL he would be fined). The last Alabama touchdown was not, he did not have control. Terrible.”

The Southeastern Conference office is in Birmingham, Ala., right down the road from Alabama’s campus.

Best League, Worst Refs?

Fans have made SEC officials a target for years. I mean, the best college football league with numerous titles and many players drafted into the pros needs some criticism for its rule enforcement at times.

At times, many think SEC officials favor Alabama in close games. These fans believe the refs ruin games, and commissioner Greg Sankey won’t do anything about it.

So maybe this BBQ ban is the first shot off the bow. Barstool Sports even floated the idea of restaurants in other SEC towns enforcing this similar ban. They pondered that maybe a movement was necessary to keep these refs from eating in SEC towns due to their poor game calls

We can only wait and see how that turns out and how many lawsuits there would be.