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LOOK: Army Reveals Incredible Uniform Combination for Navy Rivalry

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Edward Diller/Getty Images)

The greatest rivalry in college football is drawing closer. On Saturday, Dec. 10, Army and Navy will be the center of the sports world as the teams close out the 2022 season. Both will be wearing some sweet uniforms, too.

Earlier in November, Navy released its astronaut-themed uniforms for the rivalry clash. This week, Army unveiled its unique combination, inspired by the 1st Armored Division.

Army released a video showing off the uniform combination for the season-ending rivalry game:

Army also described the reason behind this unique uniform combination for the rivalry game.

“The 2022 Army-Navy Uniform tells the story of the soldiers of the 1st Armored Division during World War II,” the academy said. “This year marks the 80th anniversary of Operation Torch and the commencement of American ground operations against Axis forces in the European theater, which included North Africa.

“On December 10, we honor the “Iron Soldiers” of the 1st Armored Division and take the field in Philadelphia inspired by the story of ‘Old Ironsides.’  In honor of their legacy, we proudly wear their patches and adopt their mottos to propel us to victory on the field of friendly strife.”

Navy Unveils Astronaut-Themed Uniforms for Army Game

Before Army dropped its alternate uniform combination for the Dec. 10 showdown, Navy revealed a NASA-themed uniform for rivalry bout. And it’s complete with one of the best helmet designs we’ve seen.

Navy’s threads honors the moon landing and has a unique astronaut-theme, complete with an outstanding helmet. You can see pictures of the combo here.

“Fifty-four United States Naval Academy graduates have gone on to become astronauts, the most of any institution,” the statement from Navy said. “The first Naval Academy graduate to become an astronaut was Alan Shepard (’45), who was the first American in space (May 5, 1961) and was one of NASA’s first seven astronauts. Shepard’s second space flight was on Feb. 5, 1971, when Apollo 14 landed on the moon and he went on two moonwalks.”

This isn’t just a rivalry game about football, it’s become one about alternate uniforms. Who takes the cake with this year’s threads?