Astros 72-Year-Old Manager Celebrates Win in Style, Chugs Champagne from a Cleat

by Madison Miller

Dusty Baker, the current 72-year-old manager for the Houston Astros team, sure knows how to celebrate a win in style.

The Astros recently scored a 3-2 win over the Tampa Bay Rays. As all good teams do directly after a win, a massive celebration broke out in the team’s locker room.

It was led by Baker himself who lifted up a used, and likely very stinky cleat, to his mouth in order to chug champagne from it. It’s a pretty gross, relatively unsanitary way to celebrate, but it’s epic nonetheless.

The team was celebrating earning the American League West division title. Baker should be accustomed to celebrating, after all. He has helped lead a total of five different teams to a division title during his career managing so far.

The Astors and Dusty Baker Success

The Astros managed to beat out the Mariners, Athletics, Angels, and Rangers for that prized crown this season. As Baker celebrates this massive career milestone he stated, “That was the hardest but greatest year for me …  I love you guys, man!”

Nothing beats drinking out of a shoe to celebrate. Hopefully, someone took him out for a proper drink after all that locker room celebration.

After securing that win against the Rays, the Astros are going to prep for the playoff season. Well, as soon as that hangover fades away. The AL Division Series is scheduled to begin on Thursday, October 7. Then the American League Championship Series will start on Friday, October 15.

As for the Astros and Dusty, the team is celebrating their fourth American League West title in the past five years. Between drinking champagne out of shoes and leading the team to success, it’s no wonder the players seem to adore Baker. The team’s Twitter account also shared the epic video with the caption, “THAT’S OUR MANAGER.”

Dusty Baker is also a former major league player himself. He had a 19-year career as a hard-hitting outfielder. He played primarily for the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Baker was a key player in securing a World Series Championship title for the Dodgers in 1981. He’s worked with the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants, and the Wahington Nationals in the past.

As for the shoey celebration, it’s sure making it a shoo-in at different sporting events everywhere.

Daniel Riccardo, an Australian F1 star, was the first to make the epic celebration a trending activity. He broke it out when he won the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. Meanwhile, fans also witnessed a shoe-chugging celebration from UFC star Alexander Volkanovski after getting the crown at UFC 266.