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Atlanta Braves Mascot Blooper Absolutely Levels Youth Football Player During Vikings-Colts Halftime

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

Blooper continues to be a problem. The Atlanta Braves mascot stirred up some trouble on Saturday, while he and other mascots played a youth football team during halftime of the Indianapolis Colts-Minnesota Vikings game.

The popular MLB mascot is well known for his menacing antics, especially in situations like this. A few youth football players learned just how big of a problem Blooper can be while carrying the ball.

Ol’ Bloopy sent one youngster flying through the air. He then dragged a few more youth players before finally getting weighed down and falling out of bounds.

This isn’t the first time youth football players have had an unpleasant encounter with Blooper. The Braves mascot unapologetically laid out multiple players during an Atlanta Falcons preseason game.

He levied a nasty stiff arm to one player and proceeded to flatten several others before getting “pushed” out of bounds.

The moral of the story? If Blooper is playing a youth football game at halftime, there’s bound to be some sort of fireworks. And it’s usually not a pretty scene for the youngsters.

Blooper Isn’t the Only Atlanta Mascot Causing Problems

Blooper might have more gridiron highlights than most mascots, but he’s not the only one in Atlanta stirring up problems in these games. The Atlanta Falcons mascot, Freddie, also got involved in a scuffle this season.

Back in October, Freddie pushed a running back out of bounds then proceeded to mock the youngster. The mascot walked up to the player and pushed him a few times before the kid started fighting back.

Then we found out the youth football team has some pretty good chemistry. All of the running back’s teammates rushed to and surrounded Freddie, helping out their buddy.

So, a word to the wise for NFL franchises scheduling these halftime games: Don’t invite mascots from Atlanta. At some point during the exhibition, there’s going to be a problem.