Auburn Fans Less Than Pleased With Head Coach Bryan Harsin Following Narrow Win Over Missouri

by Suzanne Halliburton
Michael Chang/Getty Images

Did you see the weird way Auburn picked up its third win of the season? Missouri gifted the Tigers an OT victory, which only turned up the heat on coach Bryan Harsin.

Yes, Auburn won thanks to an overtime touchback. You read that correctly. Missouri tailback Nathaniel Peak dropped the ball as he was crossing the end zone for what would have been the winning score. Auburn fell on the ball it to protect a 17-14 victory.

Need video proof? Check it out.

So for Auburn, follow proper college football etiquette and don’t scoff at a gift touchback. Usually, fans celebrate wins, especially ones in the SEC. And you could hear the fans at Jordan Hare Stadium cheering. But there was all sorts of grumbling about Bryan Harsin, who is in his second season at Auburn. Harsin is known as an innovative offensive coach. But there’s nothing innovative with what the Tigers are putting on the field this season.

Let’s check Twitter for the temperature on the Harsin hot seat. His own fans cranked it way up high.

The Reddit College Football account posted: “The biggest loser in this Auburn-Mizzou game is Bryan Harsin, who won’t get a $15M check tonight and still has to coach Auburn next week.”

If Auburn Fires Bryan Harsin, School Owes Coach a Cool $15 Million

We’re assuming Harsin survives the weekend to coach against LSU next Saturday. If Auburn fires Harsin, the athletic department owes him a buyout of $15 million plus. Half of that would be due within 60 days. If the Mizzou tailback held onto the ball, Auburn probably writes the check. That’s according to Fox Sports Bruce Feldman. Or, if the Mizzou kicker was good on his 26-yard field goal attempt at the end of regulation, Harsin suffers the same fate.

Another Auburn loyalist posted: “When Bryan Harsin gets fired tomorrow I need all of Auburn at toomers to celebrate!” Toomer’s Corner is where Auburn fans go to party after big wins.

One Auburn fan posted this clever gif. It’s always good to get a Breaking Bad and Gus Fring reference into a college football tweet. “Bryan Harsin if we lose to lsu next week.”

One Auburn loyalist posted: “Has Bryan Harsin been fired yet? That was one of the most pathetic excuses for a football team that I’ve ever seen.” Get this. A week after losing to Penn State, 41-12, Auburn scored two more points in a bounce back win. And it took them overtime to get there. The field goal represented the only points for either team scored after halftime.

And here’s another perfect meme. It shows a photo of someone asking Harsin “how close are you to getting fired?” Then there’s the photo of the Mizzou tailback fumbling away the victory. “This close.”