Baker Mayfield Asked About Returning to Play for Cleveland Browns, Doesn’t Rule Out ‘Reconciliation’

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Baker Mayfield made a media appearance this morning at a youth camp at the University of Oklahoma. The former Sooner talked about the possibility of him returning to the Cleveland Browns if Deshaun Watson is suspended.

“I think it’s been pretty obvious that the mutual decision on both sides is to move on,” Mayfield said to the huddle of reporters. “I think for [a reconciliation] to happen there would have to be some reaching out.”

Check the wording on that answer. Mayfield is seemingly satisfied with he and the Browns parting ways, but if the team were to reach out, it seems that he would at least consider a reconciliation. Hmmmm.

Although, Mayfield did also have a response that hinted like it was over.

“I’m thankful for the four years in Cleveland,” he reflected. “There’s a lot of ups and downs and a ton of learning experiences that I’ll forever keep with me. Teammates and friends and relationships that I’ll have for a lifetime.”

He continued: “The support staff in Cleveland, the people in Cleveland – it’s a great sports town. So, I’m thankful for it, there’s no resentment towards the City of Cleveland by any means.”

Browns in Big Mess with Baker Mayfield, Deshaun Watson

On March 18, it was announced that Deshaun Watson would be traded from Houston to the Browns. The deal sent six draft picks – including Cleveland’s first-round picks in each of the next three seasons – back to the Texans. He then signed a five-year, $230 million deal with every cent guaranteed.

It was apparent that Cleveland was seemingly done with Baker Mayfield at that point. After winning the 2017 Heisman Trophy, the quarterback was the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. In his third professional season in 2020, Mayfield helped lead the Browns to the franchise’s first playoff win in 26 years.

With at least a season-long suspension reportedly looming for Watson, how desperate would Cleveland be to start that healing process with Mayfield?

Yes, it was a disappointing 2021 campaign for Mayfield – and the Browns likely damaged that relationship when they kicked him to the curb for Watson. However, no other NFL team has yet pulled the trigger on a trade for Mayfield and his $19 million salary.

“I think I got frustrated [with a trade] not happening before minicamp and all those things. But that’s the stuff that’s out of my control,” Mayfield said. “Right now, it’s just about controlling what I can and enjoying this.”

Jacoby Brissett is absolutely not a better option under center and Mayfield might not have anywhere else to go and play. Once the NFL suspends Watson, let’s just see if these two sides end up talking again.