Baker Mayfield Calls Out Certain Browns Fans, Media After Deshaun Watson Speculation

by Suzanne Halliburton

Baker Mayfield heard the same rumors as the rest of the Cleveland Browns fans. There really is speculation that the team may deal their starting quarterback for Deshaun Watson.

That’s why Mayfield decided to tweet about the topic Thursday afternoon. Mayfield quote tweeted an article. And he used the OK emoji and wrote “Some of y’all “browns” are funny.”

Seriously, why would the Browns want to trade for Deshaun Watson, who wants to ditch the Houston Texans, when they have Baker Mayfield? After all, Mayfield led Cleveland to its first playoff win in three decades. Although the Browns lost to Kansas City in the second round of the playoffs earlier this month, Mayfield and company broke a significant Cleveland drought.

Plus, the Browns have so much invested in Baker Mayfield. He was the No. 1 pick of the 2018 NFL draft and served as the popular face of the franchise since then.

Mayfield retweeted an article from The article opened:

“Most Cleveland Browns fans just rolled their eyes at this headline. Baker Mayfield just led the Browns to the divisional round of the playoffs, why in the world would the Browns trade for Deshaun Watson? This argument is not about Mayfields talent, it is, however, about Watson’s.”

It is true that Deshaun Watson is desperate to leave the Houston Texans. And, Baker Mayfield actually is from Texas.

The Texans hired a new general manager, Nick Caserio, and head coach, David Culley. Watson keeps signaling how dissatisfied he is with what’s going on. Plus, it’s difficult to be positive in Houston when the team won only four games, with half of them coming against Jacksonville, the worst team in the NFL in 2020.

Watson and Mayfield are both 25. Watson’s numbers in 2020 were terrific. He threw for a league-leading 4,823 yards, while completing 70.2 percent of his passes with 33 touchdowns and only seven interceptions.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Watson officially requested a trade. Houston negotiated a deal with Watson last season, signing him to an extension worth $156 million contract. But to deal for Watson, the Chronicle reports that a team would need to offer three, first-round picks.

That’s a steep price. That makes the rumors involving Baker Mayfield even more bizarre.

In the story that Mayfield tweeted, there’s this point:

“In your life, you get asked if you want to upgrade your room at the La Quinta Inn and Suites to the room with the water bed or the jacuzzi tub. It’s a little more money, but you’re always glad you did it.”