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Baker Mayfield Can’t Be Stopped, Headbutts Teammate Again After Leading Rams on Game-Winning Drive

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

When Baker Mayfield wins a game on a 98-yard drive with a brand-new team, there’s only one way to celebrate – headbutts. The newest Rams quarterback has a little bit of Capra in him it seems. The NFL QB can’t stop himself from doing these head-to-helmet hits with teammates.

We saw this in Carolina when he was a Panther and now he’s doing it as a Los Angeles Ram. That’s just something we have to get used to. No matter how many times he does it, the assistant coaches are never going to get used to it.

No matter how you slice it, Baker Mayfield is a winner tonight. Headbutt whoever you want.

When you talk about football guys, Baker is about as much of a football guy as you will find at quarterback. He really comes across as genuine and you could see him bleeding for a win. Other players just talk it, Mayfield is out to prove it whenever possible.

Baker Mayfield Leads Rams to Victory

Just two days in Los Angeles and Baker Mayfield is already leading the team to massive comeback wins. 98 yards is no joke. Doing it while passing to receivers you have never played with is something else. The quarterback position is a position that, at the NFL level, is technical and complicated. Learning an all-new playbook is no easy task.

We saw Baker take his first warmup snaps with the Rams and then his first real game snaps, and then we saw him completely outperform Derek Carr in prime time. It wasn’t even a close comparison.

Mayfield finished the game 22/35 for 230 yards and a touchdown. Carr on the other hand was just 11/20 for 137 yards with two interceptions. Is Baker here to stay? After a performance like that, it would be wild if he didn’t start the Rams’ next game for Monday Night Football on December 18.

Baker Mayfield might start to click with this Rams offense. If he wins more games, we will see more headbutts. Maybe the coaches can get him to take it a little easy next time?