Baker Mayfield Drops Hilarious Quote From ‘The Office’ in Post-Game Interview

by Charles Craighill

After picking apart the Tennessee Titans defense yesterday, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield cracked some jokes. The first pick of the 2018 NFL draft quoted the hit TV show, “The Office,” in his post-game interview. Mayfield, known to be a jokester after big wins, found an apt opportunity to evoke some smiles in Nashville.

When asked “What’s different about you now as opposed to a month ago, last year, whatever,” Baker hit them with the Dwight Schrute. “Whenever I’m about to do something,” Mayfield joked. “I ask myself, ‘would an idiot do that?’ and if the answer is yes, I do not do that thing.”

Baker Mayfield with the Jokes

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has caught some flack for his constant involvement in television commercials. He appears in several commercials for Hulu and Progressive, which has some questioning his commitment to football. Almost every time he catches heat for his actions, however, Mayfield responds with a monster game. His Sunday performance against the Tennessee Titans marks counts as one of those performances.

Cleveland Browns Playoffs Hopes

With Sunday’s win, the Cleveland Browns officially achieved their first winning season since 2007. At 9-3, they sit in an excellent position to grab a wildcard spot in the AFC. Unfortunately, their 9-3 record still sits two games behind the undefeated Pittsburg Steelers in the AFC North. With that said, the Steelers are currently grinding it out with the Washington Football Team, so the seeding might change for the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns will have a few opportunities to pick up some ground against the Steelers and further separate themselves from the rest of the division. Next week, the Browns will play the Baltimore Ravens, who have struggled with COVID-19 cases. The Browns already have two games on the Ravens, but the extra win couldn’t hurt their chances of securing a wild card spot in a competitive race.

Their last chance at the division could be in the final game of the season when they face off against the Steelers for a second time. If the Browns can keep winning and the Steelers can lose two games, the final game of their seasons will be for the AFC North title.