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Baker Mayfield Will Start for Rams on MNF, Fans Weigh in

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

On next week’s version of Monday Night Football, the Rams are going to start Baker Mayfield at quarterback for the first time. This past week, Mayfield didn’t start but played most of the snaps in the Rams’ 17-16 win over the Raiders. He impressed in that game. Can he do it again?

NFL fans are looking at Monday Night’s game against the Green Bay Packers as a real opportunity for Baker Mayfield. If he is able to play well, he might have a new home at least for the rest of this season. Technically, the Rams are not out of the playoff picture – yet.

Head coach Sean McVay confirmed the news that John Wolford was not expected to play due to injury, according to Adam Schefter. That only leaves one man capable of taking on the starting role.

Despite what his troubles may have been in Carolina with the Panthers, fans are excited to see Mayfield lead this offense. That’s not something anyone expected this season. However, here we are. Baker has played himself into another starting role.

After putting up 22/35 for 230 yards and a touchdown Baker Mayfield has earned the respect. Let’s not forget that he came into the game with less than 48 hours of preparation. Give him more than a week to get himself in order and he might just run away with his next game.

Mayfield is the first quarterback to start a game for three different franchises in a single calendar year.

Fans In Disbelief Over Baker Mayfield News

Watching Baker Mayfield lead the Rams to a win last week was strange. It felt like we were all collectively put into another reality. This week with Aaron Rodgers on the other side of the field, Mayfield has a big task at hand. Fans know how crazy this has been, and how much crazier it could get.

“A Baker Mayfield Juggernaught victory at Lambeau against Aaron Rogers would be nothing short of miraculous,” a fan said.

Other fans are certain that this will only show how good of a coach Sean McVay is. How much of that game-winning drive was McVay and how much of it was Mayfield?

“I’m gonna say right now, I don’t care what the team’s win-loss record is, if Sean McVay makes Baker Mayfield look like a competent QB for the rest of this year, he gets my vote for Coach of the Year,” someone else said.

It really is strange that this was even a question after the game-winning drive. You get your team a win like that, you get to start the next game.

Is this the beginning of something amazing? An end-of-season run that no one saw coming? Or will this just end how we all thought it would to begin with – the Rams losing and finishing this disappointing season up when the regular season ends?