WATCH: Baltimore Orioles Infielder Richie Martin Takes Out Kid Sliding Down Hill

by Nick Geddes

Baltimore Orioles shortstop Richie Martin managed to steal the show across MLB Sunday without taking the field once.

The Orioles and Boston Red Sox will play in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the sight of the Little League World Series. Martin, along with the rest of his teammates, spent the day interacting with kids. Some good interaction — some not so good interaction. A tribute to their younger days, Orioles players slid down hill using just a cardboard box as their vehicle.

One player, which would indeed be Martin, lost control of his vehicle. Unfortunately, a young fan was standing in the wrong place, at the wrong time — perhaps towards the wrong direction. ESPN‘s broadcast just so happened to catch the moment where Martin — quite literally — took out a kid as if he was trying to break up a double play.

No update on the kid’s condition, although it’s likely the Orioles will supply a care package to make up for Martin’s tumble.

Richie Martin Gets Sunday in Williamsport Started Early

The Orioles and Red Sox will play in just the fifth game in Williamsport, the first coming in 2017. MLB meant for the Little League Classic to be an annual event, though the COVID-19 pandemic halted the 2020 showdown. Both teams were scheduled to play that season, before MLB rescheduled the meeting to this season.

“That’s going to be a cool experience,” Orioles manager Brandon Hyde said this week. “I’ve never been there, but I’ve watched the Little League World Series since I was a kid. I remember that Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t wait to watch growing up, and to be able to go and see what that’s all about, it’s going to be cool for everybody.”

First pitch is set for 7:10 p.m. ET at Muncy Bank Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field.