Baltimore Ravens’ Dez Bryant Pulled from Pre-Game Warmups Against Dallas Cowboys, Tests Positive for COVID-19

by Evan Reier

Well, things could be going better for current Baltimore Raven and former Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant.

The legendary NFL receiver was preparing for a highly-anticipated clash against his former team in what you might call a “revenge game.” But while Bryant had been cleared to play in the unorthodox Tuesday night matchup, a last-second COVID-19 test is saying otherwise.

There was no official announcement about his status before the game’s kick-off. That being said, Dez took matters into his own hands. The receiver wasted no time hopping on Twitter to express his confusion and disappointment.

Bryant’s tweet reads:

“Tell me why they pull me from warming up so I can go get tested… my s— come back positive… I tested positive for COVID WTF.”

We can relate to the confusion. How did Bryant be declared safe and pass all of his previous tests but was singled out and tested just minutes before the game? It doesn’t make much sense on the surface.

Many people in the replies to Dez went on to point out that he’s been exposed to the Ravens and likely some Cowboys players. Considering this game was already delayed once, this is just another headache in the NFL’s and Ravens’ 2020 plans.

Dez Bryant Calling it Quits for 2020?

Bryant is understandably frustrated. Who would be cool in that type of scenario?

However, the receiver went on to say that he has had just about all he can take of the 2020 NFL season.

Bryant obviously had goals of making a big splash in his NFL return this year, but things have not gone to plan. With only four catches on seven yards, the receiver did make some form of an impact. But, as Ravens fans will likely tell you, his totals are nowhere near his All-Pro days in the early 2010s.

Additional Context about Potential Ravens Issues

ESPN reporter Kevin Seifert spoke on the issue at hand for both the league and team.

“Whenever a player tests positive for COVID-19,” Seifert tweeted. “The NFL conducts contact tracing and determines who (if anyone) qualifies as a high-risk close contact. If there are any Ravens who do, after the Dez Bryant positive result, they would have to be pulled from this game as well.”

Essentially, the NFL has said that anyone within close contact or anyone not following protocol will need to be pulled and tested, so this saga isn’t over yet. It remains to be announced if any other Ravens are being withdrawn from the Tuesday night clash.

The night represents a big matchup for both teams. The 6-5 Ravens are looking to make up ground in the AFC North after the speedy starts from the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers. On the other hand, the Cowboys are still very much in the NFC East race despite a rough-looking 3-8 record.