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Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker Nails Insane 66-Yard Field Goal Off the Cross Bar in Historic Moment

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

A game-winning, 66-yard kick secured Ravens kicker Justin Tucker’s place in the NFL record books on Sunday.

Tucker nailed the kick, bouncing it off the crossbar for Baltimore’s 19-17 victory over the 0-3 Lions. The Ravens improved to 2-1.

Justin Tucker’s teammates hoisted the kicker into the air to celebrate while CBS TV commentators and fans watched in shock.

Just eight years ago in Detroit, Tucker burned the Lions on a 61-yard kick to win the game.

“It’s déjà vu all over again,” Tucker after this Sunday’s win. “I love Detroit. I’m thinking about getting a place here.”

Tucker spoke with reporters holding the ball from the winning kick in one of his hands.

“Thankfully, we found an extra yard-and-a-half that I didn’t have three hours before,” Tucker said to ESPN. “I’m grateful for that.”

After the game, teammate Calais Campbell said he was honored to block for Tucker.

A few NFL fans went after Campbell’s post.

One responded, “How much did you pay the refs for not calling the delay of game?” The man pressed further, saying “The kick was legit but should have been a 71-yard attempt.”

Record Breaking Kick

According to CBS Sports, Justin Tucker’s kick was only the 22nd time in history that a team has gone for a field goal from that far on the field.  

At that point, NFL kickers had combined to go 0-for-21 on the previous attempts. 

In 2013, Matt Prater made a 64-yarder while playing for the Broncos. Prater currently plays for the Cardinals. 

Prater and Tucker share history now as the only two NFL kickers to hit a field goal from that distance. 

According to ESPN Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley, Justin Tucker is now 16-for-16 on field goals in the final minute of regulation.

Lions fans were inconsolable. Hopefully, the team is not destined for another 0-fer season.

Tucker’s Doinked Before

Justin Tucker has had his share of misses. He had a bad miss in the Ravens’ 20-13 AFC Wild Card playoff win over the Tennessee Titans in January.

The following week, Bills fans were rooting for Tucker to miss. And they went to social media in the hope of jinxing the kicker. 

Sadly, Tucker ended up missing twice in that game and the Bills fans were ready for it, somehow.

Even WWE legend Iron Sheik has commented on Justin Tucker’s past misses.

Burning the Lions Again

Eight years ago, Justin Tucker became a legend in Detroit with a game-winning 61-yard kick. Now, he’s added to NFL history with his second game-winner.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, there have only been seven go-ahead field goals of 60-plus yards in the final minute in NFL history. Tucker now is the only kicker with more than one goal.

Another famous kicker downed the Lions.

Famous Saints kicker Tom Dempsey hit a 63-yarder to beat the Lions in New Orleans in 1970. Dempsey, who was born with no toes on his right foot and no fingers on his right hand, nailed the kick on Nov. 8 of that year. Dempsey had a custom, flat-front kicking shoe where his toes were supposed to be.