Baltimore Ravens Place Mark Andrews, Willie Snead and Others on COVID-19 List, NFL Fans Sound Off

by Will Shepard

The Baltimore Ravens continue to be ravaged by Covid-19. Tight End Mark Andrews and wide receiver Willie Snead join the list of Ravens players on the Covid restriction list.

Already, the NFL has moved the Ravens and Steelers game from Thanksgiving to Tuesday in hopes that the game can happen. However, this is a major wrench in the plan.

The Denver Broncos were forced to play this past Sunday (Nov. 29) without any quarterbacks on their roster. However, the situation was different. Because the NFL deemed that the team did not have an active outbreak, the Broncos had to play.

The Ravens are in a much tighter spot. Adam Schefter broke the news via Twitter.

Schefter says that four members of the Ravens have been added to the Covid-19 list. When a player is placed there, they must test negative at least two times within 24 hours before they can return. That said though if a player tests positive, that player is out for a minimum of eight days.

More Woes for the Ravens and Steelers

Schefter continues to break the hearts of Steelers, Ravens, and NFL fans alike. Also, per Schefter, there are 19 Ravens players on the Covid-19 list, including Lamar Jackson. To say the least, the positive tests from the Ravens and Steelers jeopardizes the teams playing this week.

Then again, the NFL wants to make sure that every team gets to play all of their games. Over the course of the season, there has been a lot of speculation that the NFL could add an extra week for postponed or canceled games. But in the meantime, the NFL is currently planning for the two AFC North squads to battle on Wednesday.

NFL Fans Don’t Like the News

In typical fashion, Ravens, Steelers, and NFL fans despised the Schefter tweet. But, the internet got to work and crafted some hilarious responses.

Another comment poked fun at the Ravens for maybe having to field a team that looks like the Little Giants.

Also, the San Fransisco 49ers are being forced to play their last home games in Arizona, so one fan doesn’t have much sympathy. Early on in the season, the 49ers had to play the Packers with a very limited team.