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Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Opens Up About COVID-19 Battle, ‘Wouldn’t Wish That on Nobody’

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson may be the MVP for the National Football League, but even he couldn’t outrun COVID-19, which tackled him to the ground.

The quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens is warning people to take the threat of contracting or spreading the coronavirus seriously, saying “he wouldn’t wish that on anybody.”

Lamar Jackson Describes Being Tackled by COVID-19

TMZ posted a video to Twitter of Jackson describing his battle with COVID while donning a mask at a press conference. The quarterback is still recovering after a 15-day hiatus from the field after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The Beginning of the Battle

Around Thanksgiving, Lamar Jackson began displaying symptoms of COVID and was tested for the virus. Once his results came back positive, his health became the main focus.

During a press conference following the game against the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday, Jackson described the symptoms he experienced while infected with COVID-19. The experience was not a positive one for the 23-year-old football player, proving young age and good health doesn’t prevent people from catching the virus.

“I had a little flu-like symptoms. I still can’t really taste or smell, but I’m good now,” Jackson said. “That’s an effect that comes [with COVID-19]. I guess my sense of taste and smell are going to come back sooner than later, but I’m good now. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, though. It’s not good to have.”

In fact, Lamar said he still hasn’t fully regained his sense of taste or smell.

Still Upholding his MVP Position Following COVID

Once his quarantine ended and he tested negative, Lamar Jackson went right back on the field to join his team. After rejoining the Ravens, he pulled an impressive performance and led his team to conquer the Cowboys. The Ravens won the game 34-17.

Although he had told reporters he was “sick as a dog” on Tuesday, Jackson still managed to score three touchdowns and ran for 94 yards on 13 carries.