Barack Obama’s March Madness Bracket from 2012 Goes Up for Auction with Huge Starting Bid

by Halle Ames
Barack-Obamas-March-Madness-Bracket -2012-Auction-Huge-Starting-Bid

In celebration of March Madness, Barack Obama’s 2012 bracket had gone up for auction with a massive starting bid.

If you are struggling with choosing teams for your March Madness bracket, look no further than the 44th President of the United States. The basketball-loving former president may have the answers you need.

Barack Obama’s autographed bracket for the 2012 NCAA Men’s March Madness tournament has hit the auction table. The bid for the precious predictions started off on a hot note with a massive starting bid at $10,000.

ESPN Player covered the historic, hoop-centered event. With the help of ESPN analyst Andy Katz, Barack Obama made his bets on a segment of the sports broadcast called “BARACK-ETOLOGY,” which featured the presidential seal and everything.

When asked what Barack Obama looks for in a winning team, he considers a few key elements.

“Well, a couple of things,” begins the former president. “I’m big on momentum, especially in a tournament like this one. So, whoever is looking hotter at the end of the year, those are teams that I tend to be a little more inclined to pick. I like teams with good point guards because I think the ability to control a game, limit turnovers, I think that ends up making a difference. Other than that, it’s all throwing darts.”

From the White House, the then-acting president scribbled down his choices for the infamous college basketball tournament. The 63-by-36 inch whiteboard has been saved and framed. It also features Barack Obama’s signature.

Barack Obama’s Predictions

While Obama’s bracket wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t completely off either. His final four predictions included Mizzou, Kentucky, Ohio State, and North Carolina.

The actual final four in 2012 were Kentucky, Kansas, Louisville, and Ohio State.

So it looks like Barack Obama was 2/4 for the final predictions. Additionally, he projected North Carolina to win it all, but Anthony Davis led the Kentucky Wildcats to the championship win. North Carolina lost in their regional finals that year.

“Anthony Davis, unbelievably talented across the board,” explained Barack Obama. However, “I am going with North Carolina. They are an older team, more experienced team, and since they won it for me last time, I picked them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a little redemption for the last two years. I just want to point out that last year (2011), I was doing great through the first round, and it was all downhill from there.”

However, people care more about who made the bracket than how it played out. TMZ reports that the presidential March Madness bracket could “easily hit the 6-figure mark.”

The bidding also begins today, so start collecting your cash!