Baylor Student Section Holds Up Signs with the Names of the Americans Killed in 9/11 Attacks

by Suzanne Halliburton

College football paid tribute to the 20th anniversary of 9/11 in game after game, Saturday. What Baylor did might have been the most reverent of all.

The fansite Our Daily Bears tweeted the Baylor halftime tribute. The Baylor student section held up almost 3,000 signs. Each of the placards featured the name of a person who died in terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, plus those who perished when a hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

The Baylor student section is quite active for each home game. The Baylor Line represents the freshmen class. Before every game, each freshman puts on a neon yellow shirt then lines up in the end zone and runs across the field.

The team plays near downtown Waco, Texas. McLane Stadium is posh. It was built on the banks of the Brazos River. Fans have floating tailgate parties before the game. And the bridge that separates the stadium from downtown always glows green.

But Baylor also knows how to do patriotism, as evidenced by Saturday’s display, which featured signs with the names of all 2,977 people who died on 9/11. They are why we commemorate the day, why Americans say “Never Forget.”

Like Baylor, College Football World Remembered 9/11 In Unique, Patriotic Ways

In game after game, college football remembered 9/11. Baylor just added to the patriotic pageantry of the day.

Some of the beautiful moments:

Each Army player carried an American flag out onto the field in the Black Knights game against Western Kentucky.

Elsewhere, the Rutgers football team wore special jerseys for its game. The Scarlett Knights did so to honor the memories of 37 former students who died on 9-11. Rutgers is the state university of New Jersey and is in New Brunswick.

Arizona State placed a special logo on the home field at Sun Devil Stadium. Florida players changed their helmets to look like an American flag.

Then there was Nebraska, which updated its Tunnel Walk to look like what the Cornhuskers did in 2001. It saluted the country’s first responders, with Nebraska defensive lineman Damian Jackson, a former Navy SEAL, leading the way.

The Baylor salute took a lot of planning. And college football fans appreciated the effort during halftime of the Baylor game against Texas Southern.

One fan wrote: “Incredible thoughtfulness! All American Attitude Baylor. You & we all will remember! And never forget!”

Another replied: “Way to go Baylor, props too you.” Still another wrote: “There’s still hope for today’s youth.”

Before the game, Baylor Athletics social media tweeted a video saluting the first responders, remembering those who died while recalling the unity Americans felt on that day. And like the Baylor students did Saturday night, the video showed us some of the names of people who died.

It also asked “where were you?”

The narrator said “we shared in their grief then and continue to do so now. Days followed Sept 11, 2001 tested us. Through all the tragedy, the heart ache and the loss, those days taught us something.

“In the worst of circumstances, they brought out our best. They showed us, regardless of our differences, we can overcome anything, together.

“20 Years Later. We have not forgotten.”