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‘Bayou Brian’ Kelly Shares New Southern Accent with LSU Fans

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Y’all ever heard a Massachusetts native talk with a…southern accent? Well, if you haven’t I present to you, “Bayou Brian” Kelly.

The new head coach of the Louisiana State University Tigers was welcomed by fans at a home basketball game tonight. During the appearance coach Kelly decided to show off his new accent.

He must have stopped at a Popeye’s on the way down from South Bend and got a spicy combo. We’re going to have Cajun Kelly before this is all said and done. Check out the video that Mike Bundt (@mike_bundt) posted to Twitter.

Now Bayou Brian Kelly must be feeling good. He just signed a new contract for a bunch of money. He left the sweet tea desert that is northern Indiana. So, it makes sense that he would get a little excited while talking to Tiger Nation for the first time. But, maybe Garth Brooks can help him with the accent when he comes to town.

This is like when you get around some good ol’ boys at the gas station and your voice drops a bit and your accent heightens. However, it is strange for that to happen when you are from Massachusetts, hundreds of miles north of the Mason-Dixon.

Now that he has left Notre Dame, Bayou Brian is here to stay! At least until he goes 6-6 after winning a national championship. This is going to be a tough job, but coach seems to be ready for the challenge.

Reactions to New Coach Kelly Accent Are Perfect

There have already been a number of reactions to the video. It seemed that the LSU faithful inside the Pete Maravich Assembly Center enjoyed what they heard. However, other folks around the Twitter world were not so kind.

Replies ranged from gifs of facepalms to laughing emojis and much more. The part where he says “family” is probably the toughest to swallow. And, he just couldn’t get that “I” to draw out like “aye” during the rest of the speech.

People really didn’t hold back with one reply reading, “What happened at “faaaaaamuhhhlleeee”? This was strange.”

It is worth mentioning, this is the only job in the South that Brian Kelly has taken. He started out at Assumption and then went on to Grand Valley State in Michigan. He got a job at Central Michigan, then Cincy. Everyone knows where he just came from, and that goodbye wasn’t easy, either.

Brian Kelly Leaves Notre Dame For Baton Rouge

South Bend, Indiana was kind to Brian Kelly. He was able to make the College Football Playoff twice. However, it never ended well for his teams. He has a 6-5 bowl record, so there isn’t a lot of postseason success to talk about.

While his Fighting Irish team was in a position to slip into the CFP depending on conference championship results, Kelly said bye and headed on south. The coach met up with his team briefly and said his goodbyes.