Bears QB Justin Fields Sets Another New Record in Career Game, NFL World Sounds Off

by Suzanne Halliburton
Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

Justin Fields is perfect for November when it comes to setting NFL records. So we’ve had two straight Sundays and the Chicago Bears quarterback has broken a couple of major league standards.

It’s all coming down to Fields being a dual threat. His legs are everything in the equation. In the Bears’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions, Fields completed 12 of his 20 passes for 167 yards, with two touchdowns and an interception. He rushed for 147 with two scores.

As you can see, Fields passing totals are pedestrian, borderline mediocre. But his ability to run the ball sets him apart. CBS Sports reported that Fields became the first player in NFL history to rush for two touchdowns and pass for at least two scores while running for 100 yards or more. Only dual-threat quarterbacks are capable of achieving such a spectacular feat.

Here’s video of Field’s beautiful dash from Sunday’s win over Detroit. The quarterback’s 67-yard run via a zone keeper gave the Bears a 30-24 lead.

Oops. Justin Fields Also Threw a Pick Six to Keep Detroit in Game

Did you watch the touchdown run? Please note this detail. Fields ran away from the cornerbacks and safeties. That’s called fast.

But NFL fans can be some difficult critics. You can applaud Field’s TD. But the second-year QB also gives back to defenses. He threw a pick six that allowed the Lions to stay in the contest.

“Outside of that one pick he’s been elite,” an NFL fan wrote. Another replied: “LMFOAOOO FIELDS HATERS IN SHAMBLES.” (We’ll let y’all figure out the internet shorthand.)

Someone even dropped Aaron Rodgers into the conversation. But it wasn’t done in admiration since Bears fans despise the Green Bay quarterback. A Chicago fan did bring up the pick six, but wrote “Yeah, he did this (TD) right after. It’s called bouncing back. Something Rodgers hasn’t done in years.”

Justin Fields rushed for an NFL quarterback record 178 yards last Sunday in a loss to the Miami Dolphins. (Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

And yes, Justin Fields set an NFL record last week, too, although the Bears didn’t win that game. Fields ran free for 178 yards against the Miami Dolphins. That’s the top regular season running performance by a quarterback in NFL history. Michael Vick owned the previous single-game record. Vick, the former Atlanta Falcon, rushed for 173 against the Vikings in 2022. Most experts consider Vick as the best running quarterback in NFL history. But Vick nor Fields own the game for most-ever yards by a QB. Colin Kaepernick owns that honor. When Kaepernick first came into the league. he’d run lots of draws and zone reads. He ran for 181 in a playoff win over Green Bay a decade ago.

Fields is attracting a lot of attention from fans all over the league for another reason. Because he’s running for big chunks of yards, he’s currently a hot QB to start on your fantasy team. If you play in the CBS fantasy league, Justin Fields earned 84 points. Contrast that with the 20 points scored by Tom Brady or the 46 put up by Geno Smith. Meanwhile, Josh Allen put up 42.

So NFL fans are loving Justin Fields even if they’re not Bears fans.