Betting Big: NFL Fan Wins $579K After Bengals Beat Chiefs

by Jonathan Howard

Why can’t I ever get this lucky? There is an NFL fan out there that turned their $20 bet on FanDuel into $579,000 after Sunday night.

Sunday was a big day in the NFL. Of course, both conference championship games were scheduled for the night. To get things started in the middle of the afternoon, the Bengals and Chiefs faced off. Cincinnati versus Kansas City. A true battle of the midwest. Then, a Cali battle. As the LA Rams took on the San Francisco 49ers.

While the Divisional Rounds were amazing, the Conference Championship games were able to somehow deliver yet again. No one thought that these teams would be able to turn in wild and nail-biting performances like this yet again after last week. However, they did. This man’s bet might have made things sweeter, though.

By guessing the exact score and the winner of both games this bettor was able to basically change their life overnight. And, it was with a free $20. We all have seen the ads for all the benefits and bonuses you can get on these sportsbook sites and apps. This person was able to flip that bonus into a new small fortune of over half a million dollars. Check out the tweet below and see it for yourself.

Maybe we all get one moment to have some kind of psychic ability. One big strike of luck in life. But I probably used mine already on church picnic bingo for a pan of homemade brownies. Not a $579k parlay from $20 in the NFL Playoffs.

How NFL Fan Saw $20 Turn into $579K Jackpot

The NFL is full of exciting plays and Sunday was packed full of great plays. However, nothing could be more exciting or blood pressure rising than watching your free $20 bet turn into the jackpot of your life. What is even more amazing than this guy guessing the right score and winner, is how it all went down on the field.

After the Chiefs scored 21 points in the first half of the game, the bet didn’t look so hot. The 24 point prediction for Kansas City didn’t look great. Then the game would go on to go into overtime, and Patrick Mahomes and his offense only scored 3 points. Meanwhile, the Bengals scored 11 points in the third quarter. And finished it with a field goal in the fourth and in overtime. Joey “BRRRR” Burrow sent Cincy to their first Super Bowl in decades.

At one point, the Rams were down 17-7. The Matthew Stafford offense was stagnant. Then, things opened up. In the fourth quarter, the Rams put up 13 unanswered points. Matt Gay sent the winning kick through the uprights, and LA toppled the 49ers. The NFL has its Super Bowl matchup. Bengals. Rams. Two weeks.

Amazingly enough, this wasn’t the only person to hit that same exact parlay. Two other bettors, making bets of $5 and $2 respectively, cashed out for $145,000 and $58,000 each. Some folks just have all of the luck.