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Bill Belichick Apparently Constructed Pro Bowl Roster With Pamela Anderson in Mind

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

Bill Belichick apparently had far more on his mind than just football when deciding who to select to the 2007 Pro Bowl.

The New England Patriots head coach was the subject of much of the “ManningCast” simulcast during his team’s “Monday Night Football” matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, with Peyton Manning telling a classic story. With sports personality and Massachusetts native Bill Simmons joining the show as a guest, Manning shared why Bill Belichick selected San Diego Chargers David Binn to the Pro Bowl.

It had nothing to do with Binn’s abilities — rather it had to do with his girlfriend at the time — Pamela Anderson.

“He picked David Binn, who was a long snapper, because he was dating Pamela Anderson, and Bill thought the players would like seeing Pamela at the pool in Hawaii,” Manning said, via Sports Illustrated. “She didn’t come. But that’s a cool Belichick story.”

Bill Belichick Was Upset After David Binn Showed Up Without Pamela Anderson

Binn admitted over the summer this was true, recalling the exchange he had with Bill Belichick once he arrived to Hawaii Anderson-less.

“I’m coming off and I’m walking by Bill,” Binn said on the ProFootballDoc Podcast. “And he looks at me and he goes, ‘Hey, where’s your girlfriend?’ And I said, ‘Oh, Pam? She didn’t come out.’ He goes, ‘Remind me why the f— I invited you out here then.’”

Bill Belichick was serious, according to Binn.

“He gave me this deadpan look,” Binn said. “And I thought he was kidding, but he didn’t crack a smile. And I was like, wait, is he serious? Is he kidding? I just walked off. I couldn’t figure it out.”

Anderson, known for her modeling work in Playboy magazine, never showed up to Hawaii. Binn, however, did consider making a phone call if it meant pleasing Belichick.

“I think I just laughed it off,” Binn said. “He really wanted me to bring Pam. S—. Should I call her?”