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Bill Belichick Reveals His Favorite Beer

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Bill Belichick has always been a man of a few words. That serious personality always stays the same — even when he’s talking about his favorite beer.

Despite having millions of dollars and access to all kinds of expensive beer options, the head coach of the New England Patriots would prefer to sip on a Budweiser. Or at least that’s what he was doing after his team destroyed their division rivals on Sunday. The Patriots won in convincing fashion against the New York Jets in Week 7. And to celebrate the dominant win, Bill Belichick decided to stick around a little later at Gillette Stadium and have a beer with some close friends.

Belichick was with his girlfriend Linda Holliday, and Matt Patricia, in addition to several others. After some pictures were leaked following the game, Belichick was called in for an interview with The Greg Hill Show. It was there where the show host, Greg Hill, asked the head coach about what beer he was drinking and whether or not he has a favorite.

Bill Belichick, as we all know, is a very simple man. So, to that end, he had a very simple, albeit hilarious answer to Hill’s questions.

“We actually saw a grainy, bigfoot-like photo of you enjoying what appears to be a Budweiser post-game,” Hill said. “Is the King of Beers your go-to after a win?”

“Uh, no, not really,” Belichick replies. “It was just what was on the menu.”

That’s when Hill asked Belichick if he has a favorite kind of beer or not.

“What would it be? If you could only order one beer, what would be your choice, Bill?” Hill asked.

“Yeah…Whatever’s cold,” the Patriots coach responded.

NFL Fans React to Bill Belichick’s Favorite Beer Answer

Who would have guessed that Bill Belichick doesn’t have a favorite beer? Well, probably anyone that knows anything about him. It’s such a typical Bill Belichick response. If we had to guess, he probably doesn’t have a favorite movie, TV show, or music. He just watches or listens to whatever is playing.

NFL fans meanwhile, shared their thoughts on social media after watching the interview for themselves.

“Bill’s a no free ads guy,” one fan said.

“Bill Belichick is not a fan of Belgian beer, confirmed,” another person commented.

“They say that part of Belichick’s genius is his ability to simplify the complex,” a fellow NFL fan pointed out. “A real man of genius.”

Far be it from anyone here at Outsider to criticize Belichick’s choice of beers. Speaking of which, if you are looking for some more interesting beer content, we had one of our own try putting dill and jalapeno pickles into a Corona Extra. Spoiler alert: it’s everything it’s hyped up to be.