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Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend Fires Back Heated Response at Social Media Critic

by Madison Miller
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Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been devoted partners for 20 seasons. He currently holds the records for the most seasons as a quarterback on one team. He has left behind the Patriot’s longstanding coach, Bill Belichick, after nearly 20 years working together.

This season, however, the longstanding match between Brady and the Patriots faced a big split. Instead, Tom Brady has switched to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It is a move that has benefited Brady. Right now, the Buccaneers have a spot in the final round of the playoffs after a win against the Saints.

Meanwhile, Cam Newton and the Patriots finished their season 7-9.

It’s fair to say that the head coach of the Patriots, Bill Belichick, has been getting some comments regarding this decision during the season. While he has responded very little to the Newton and Brady switch, his girlfriend, Linda Holliday, has metaphorically snatched the mic to talk on behalf of him.

After a user made the comment, “Too bad Bill let Tom go!” on one of Holliday’s posts about her boyfriend, she fired back.

She responded, “and you have all the answers evidently? Tom didn’t score last night … not once! Defense won that game. Were you even watching? OTOH- I’m happy for Tom’s career! Why can’t you be?”

On the contrary, in the game against the Saints, Brady did in fact throw two touchdown passes. He also rushed for a touchdown.

Belichick is thought to be one of the greatest coaches in the game. He has a lot of overriding rule over the team. In his 20 years with the Patriots he has helped the team earn 17 AFC East division titles, nine Super Bowl appearances, and 13 appearances in the AFC Championship Game.

Linda Holliday and Bill Belichick

The two have been dating since 2007. They met a year after Belichick divorced his first wife Debbie.

She has become a permanent addition to game day for the Patriots. She posts a lot of pictures from the sidelines and helps show a different side of the head coach.

Belichick has three kids from his previous marriage. Holliday has been married three times and has two kids.

As of now, she is the CEO of the Bill Belichick Foundation. The goal is “to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial support to individuals, communities, and organizations. Focusing on football and lacrosse, its mission is to bring the values of the Belichick family — a love of sports, coaching and team building — to the athletic leaders of tomorrow.”

Why Did Brady Leave?

The decision for Tom Brady to leave the Patriots has not quite been sorted out. Both Brady and Belichick have remained relatively quiet over one of the biggest changes in the Patriots’ game ever.

Brady has been asked many times why he left and has not given a clear answer. Now, in a successful season with a new team, there are hints as to why he may have made the choice.

At Super Bowl LIV, Brady and former legendary quarterback, Joe Montana, were having a conversation related to the decision.

“I spoke to Tom while we were back at the Super Bowl. I don’t think he was happy with the way things were progressing there, and his ability to have input, and I think that was a big decision for him to make, to leave there,” Montana said on “The Jake Asman Show.”

He allegedly said that the offense would ask for his input, then ignore it. This conversation was over a month before he had announced his departure. This means Brady had made his decision before even performing at the last Super Bowl with the Patriots.

After six Super Bowl wins, the decision to leave was a bit shocking for fans.

However, the decision really did come from Brady. It appears to have little to do with the coaching staff, such as Belichick.

As Robert Kraft told The Boston Globe, “If he wanted to be here, we would have put a deal together,” 

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