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Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend Takes Social Media Account Private After Commenting on Tom Brady

by Josh Lanier
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Bill Belichick’s girlfriend says she’s done with social media because of all of the “trolls.” Linda Holliday said she’s been attacked since making a comment about Tom Brady recently.

Holliday called out Brady’s play in the Buccaneers’ win over the Saints on Sunday, TMZ Sports reported. That’s despite the Patriots missing the postseason this year.

Replying to someone who said, “Too bad Bill let Tom go!” Holliday snapped back, “Tom didn’t score last night … not once! Defense won that game,” she commented on Instagram … “Were you even watching? OTOH- I’m happy for Tom’s career! Why can’t you be?”

Brady threw for 199 yards an two touchdowns and ran for another in the 30-20 win Sunday.

Holliday said “trolls and cruel people” have since inundated her page.

“My account will be going private in the next few hours I am exhausted by the number of trolls and cruel people who have hammered my social media accounts recently. I’m not ’embarrassed’ by anything I’ve said. In fact, several news outlets understood what I meant about defensive TD’s and validated it. BUT, I am tired of trolls!! I’m not sure when it became ok to verbally abuse and harass people on social media. …”

Linda Holliday

Belichick and Holliday have been together since 2007. She serves as the CEO of the Bill Belichick Foundation. The goal is “to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial support to individuals, communities, and organizations. Focusing on football and lacrosse, its mission is to bring the values of the Belichick family — a love of sports, coaching and team building — to the athletic leaders of tomorrow.”

Hopefully Holliday will like Brady’s next performance. The Buccaneers play the Packers Sunday for the NFC Championship.

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What Caused the Bill Belichick, Tom Brady Break-up?

Together, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick one of the greatest quarterback and coach duo of all time. They’ve gone to nine Super Bowls and won six. So, why did Brady walk away to play for Tampa Bay in the final years of his career?

Neither Brady nor Belichick have said much on the subject. But they are both famously tight-lipped when it comes to the press. However, Brady apparently opened up to his idol, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana at Super Bowl 54.

“I spoke to Tom while we were back at the Super Bowl. I don’t think he was happy with the way things were progressing there, and his ability to have input, and I think that was a big decision for him to make, to leave there,” Montana said on “The Jake Asman Show.”

Allegedly, Brady told Montana that he felt the offense wasn’t listening to his input anymore. But the most revealing bit of this anecdote is that, if true, it means Brady made up his mind long before he announced he would be leaving.