Bill Belichick’s Patriots Record Without Tom Brady Has NFL Fans Sounding Off

by Jonathan Howard
( Photo by Nancy Lane/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were the best duo in the NFL. Ever since the quarterback left New England, the Patriots haven’t been the same. While there is some positive momentum in New England between some solid draft classes and decent on-the-field play, it isn’t the golden years anymore. And, before Brady came to town, Belichick wasn’t exactly killing it.

Andrew Fillipponi, a sports radio host in Pittsburgh, brought up the record that Bill Belichick has had since Tom Brady left for Tampa Bay. As it stands, Belichick has gone 78-83 without the GOAT.. For those that are naysayers of the gruff coach, that is music to their ears.

With the wins and losses laid bare, fans ran in all kinds of directions with it. There are those that don’t think it is a major deal and others that have used it as an indictment of Belichick’s coaching skills. Let’s be honest with ourselves though, that stint included a time when a late-career Cam Newton was QB1 for the Pats. Not to mention trying to revive the Browns franchise.

It also doesn’t help that Tom went off to win a Super Bowl and find a lot more success than his former team in the last few years.

Was It Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?

So, the debate rages on. Was all of that success for the Patriots a result of Bill Belichick’s coaching or Tom Brady’s elite play? For years Brady was decried as a “system quarterback.” Now that he’s gone on to win at another franchise, over 40 years old, the script has flipped.

“Before Tom Brady became the starter [Belichick] was 5-13, 5-11 the year before & started out 0-2,” one fan replied.

As I said, other fans decided to be more nuanced about the numbers. That is a lot that goes into a coach’s record and sometimes, it can be hard to get going as a new head coach. There was that playoff run in the 90s that Belichick had in Cleveland.

“Guiding Cleveland to 11-5 and the playoffs in 1994 is probably his finest coaching job (even moreso than all the Brady Super Bowls),” another fan said. That’s not a bad point.

“This is why Sean Payton resigned. 1 year without his HOF QB was enough. Preserve his reputation before people realize it was Brees, not him,” someone else asserted.

So, who is it? Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?