Bill Clinton Spotted Sitting With Dr. Ruth at the US Open During Serena Williams Match

by Jonathan Howard

If you were watching that Serena Williams match in the First Round of the U.S. Open – yes, that was Bill Clinton and Dr. Ruth sitting side-by-side. What a sports moment! It’s like the 90s never ended. These two cultural icons were seen together at the prestigious tennis tournament. Despite a star-studded crowd, these two were able to steal the spotlight.

Bill Clinton and Dr. Ruth

Perhaps it is because Serena went on to win her match in a pretty convincing fashion. Or, because nothing else really stuck out, but people can’t stop talking about these two spectators. Again, Serena did Serena things.

Among the record, 29,402 fans in attendance for this night session sat Bill Clinton and Dr. Ruth as if it was just a normal Monday night. They watched history unfold as the GOAT began her journey in what is likely her last tournament ever.

Check out the photo below and see it for yourself.

The 42nd president of the United States sitting with renowned therapist – who wrote this into the story tonight? Because it’s almost unbelievable.

For Outsiders out there that are more my age, mid-20s or so, we know Dr. Ruth from a few different places. But if you don’t have a memory of Dr. Ruth on the show “Between the Lions” then I guess you weren’t watching PBS like I was growing up. Of course, the good doctor has been involved in a lot of tv shows and other media appearances.

This was one to watch as Williams embarks on possibly the final journey of her career. It was quite a match to get her started.

Serena Williams Battles in First Round

As Bill Clinton and Dr. Ruth watched on with a crowd that also included Mike Tyson and others, Serena Williams went to work. It has been 23 years since the greatest of all time won her first U.S. Open at the age of 17. Since then, she has gone on to dominate her sport at levels never seen before. Her first-round match with Danka Kovinic was largely successful.

Early on, Williams struggled with her serve. Usually one of her strong suits, there was some trouble in those first couple of games. Then, Serena got going. Before we knew it, she was hitting the ball hard, fast, and giving Kovinic all she could handle.

By the end of this match, Serena Williams walked away with a 6-3, 6-3 victory. While that was a good starting match, Williams will need a great day when she faces off against world No. 2 Anett Kontaveit from Estonia. In the meantime, Serena and her sister Venus will compete in the open doubles on Wednesday.