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Bill Walton Under Fire for Derogatory and ‘Inexcusable’ Commentary During Pac-12 Tournament

by Dustin Schutte
bill walton
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Typically considered one of the more entertaining college basketball analysts on ESPN, Bill Walton is catching some heat for comments made during the Pac-12 Tournament on Thursday. He may have gone too far with some of his remarks.

During halftime of Arizona State’s victory over USC, Walton used a derogatory term multiple times. It occurred while talking about the arena’s in-game host and his broadcast partner, Dave Pasch.

“He does not need a little chair, because he is a giant in a world of shriveling m******. And speaking of shriveling m******, what was your name again?” Walton asked Pasch.

“What’s wrong with you?” Pasch responded. The two then continued to provide analysis about the first half of the game.

Walton may not have meant any harm with his comments, but several were unhappy with what he said.

Little People of America Asks Bill Walton for Apology

The Little People of America, a nonprofit organization “that provides support and information to people of short stature and their families,” heard about Walton’s comments. The organization released a statement.

“Those who use the term midget or any terminology that further stigmatizes people born with dwarfism are asked to educate themselves to eradicate this word,” the organization said, per TMZ Sports.

It also called Walton’s language “deplorable and inexcusable.” The organization is asking the former NBA star to issue an apology.

“Little People of America is asking Bill Walton to issue an apology and vow to use appropriate terminology rooted in respect and dignity going forward,” the organization said. “We hope that in the future Dave Pasch will speak up against disparaging language in solidarity with our organization fighting for disability equity and justice.”