Buffalo Bills CB Dane Jackson Leaves Field in Ambulance After Scary Neck Injury

by Jonathan Howard

Football can be a very tough sport. Buffalo Bills CB Dane Jackson had to leave the field in an ambulance following a brutal neck injury. Those are the kind of injuries that you want to avoid as much as possible in the NFL. After making a tackle, Jackson’s neck was pushed up against Tremaine Edmunds and it did not look good.

The play was just a typical tackle on defense until it wasn’t. The stadium fell silent as players from both teams watched on and officials loaded Dane Jackson onto the ambulance.

The NFL has worked hard to improve outcomes on injuries to the head and neck. This play was an instance where pads and helmets just couldn’t help a whole lot. Awkward angles and hits like this can be nothing, or they can be serious like tonight’s injury appeared to be.

It was just before halftime when the incident occurred. Everyone in the crowd stood still and watched on as medical personnel did what they had to do.

Dane Jackson was drafted in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft. A former Pittsburgh Panther in college, Jackson was a Second-team All-Acc selection in 2019. In his still early pro football career, Jackson has 61 tackles as well as a couple of interceptions.

Dane Jackson Taken to Erie County Medical Center

After Dane Jackson was loaded into the ambulance, EMS drove him to Erie County Medical Center. ECMC is a Level 1 Adult Trauma Center. Once he was taken to the hospital, he was evaluated further. Thankfully, there was good news shortly after the broadcast returned from halftime. This could have been a lot worse it seems.

The Buffalo Bills announced that Jackson is going to receive a CT scan as well as an x-ray. The best news is that the cornerback has full movement in his arms and legs.

Bills fans will be thinking about their injured defensive star all night. However, there is still a lot of game left to play. Buffalo would love nothing more than to deliver some good news to Dane Jackson and let him know that they won the game at the end of the night.

Here’s to a speedy recovery, and let’s hope to see Jackson out on the field again soon.