Bills Fan Spreads Father’s Ashes at Chiefs Stadium During AFC Championship Game

by Katie Maloney

Bills fan, Kristen Kimmick, finally gets to visit Arrowhead Stadium with her dad during AFC Championship game.

Although her beloved Bills didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, Kimmick got something even more special during the championship game. She was able to spread her father’s ashes at Arrowhead stadium. Her father, Ronald, was a veteran and avid Chiefs fan, and passed away last year. Although he was born in New York, Ronald became a Chiefs fans after being stationed in Kansas before shipping off to Vietnam. After the war, he returned to Buffalo, New York to raise his daughter. As a Buffalo native, Kristen quickly became a Bills fan. However, Ronald stayed true to his beloved Chiefs. From there, a heated family rivalry was born.

“We always talked about going to Arrowhead together, but my dad would just say, ‘We’re not going to waste money until the Bills are good,'” said Kimmick during an interview.

Kristen even shared a photo of a t-shirt her father made in 2011 to taunt her. Along with the photo she wrote, “My dad, a chiefs fan, has been passive aggressively torturing my soul since 2011 with this shirt.”

Bills Fan Gets Closure During AFC Championship Game

Kristen attended Sunday’s Bills vs. Chiefs game and brought her father’s ashes. They finally got to see a game together. Although her favorite team didn’t win, Kristen said the night was more than worth it.

Kristen spread her father’s ashes at the stadium and shared a video on Twitter. Along with the video, she wrote, “I got my closure even if it wasn’t my Bills Super Bowl closure…I love you dad. It’s your team again.”

Kristen’s post inspired followers to share their own stories of loss and closure. One follower wrote, “That was beautiful, thank you for sharing this amazing journey with all of us.” Another fan replied, “That’s the good stuff right there. Glad you could do that.” Another follower wrote, “Well done girl. Thanks for representing us, and way to honor your father. Much love and respect.” Countless other fans left heart emojis in support of her moment.