Bills Fan Takes Gender Reveals to Extreme with Table Smash

by Suzanne Halliburton

It was only a matter of time before the infamous Bills Mafia table smash found its way to a gender reveal.

Earlier this week, the social media team behind the Bills Wire at USA Today posted a video of the gender reveal party. It looked like any other gender celebration. There were conventional pink and white balloons and lots of people at the party.

Then it turned unconventional. As the neighbors counted down from 10, the Bills super fan and father-to-be jumped off the hood of a truck onto a folding table. And as he hit said table, there were blue puffs of smoke. It’s a boy! Maybe the little one will be the next Josh Allen, a generation removed.


The Bills table smash is one of the coolest traditions in the NFL. Although Buffalo team management frowns upon destroying furniture in such a dangerous way to the body, fans still do it. It’s unclear when it started.

A thread on Reddit believes it came about in 2004, when the team flirted with making the playoffs. Then there was a New York Times story from this past January. Bills fans believe the smash started when the Bills mafia first started a Twitter account. A proper table smash needs to be documented. So this all makes sense, considering social media needs to be part of the smash formula.

Vincent Spano, a Bills super fan, told the Times about a table smash he witnessed that occurred in a busy intersection. The smash found its way to Instagram.

“The guy jumped cleanly through it, popped up fine and everyone cleaned it up,” Spano said to the Times. “It’s all adrenaline. And you’re so happy for the Bills, it takes over and you don’t think about it.”

The video shared earlier this week by the USA Today Bills social media team now has almost 21,000 views. And the people in it are just normal folks living in a middle-class neighborhood somewhere in northwest New York.

Comments from Bills fans were what you’d expect. “That’s amazing congrats guys!!!” and “That’s GREAT!!!: with lots and lots of emojis.

Then there was mockery — after all, it’s a gender reveal. “At least they didn’t start a forest fire….,” one fan wrote.

The Bills, as a team, are 2-1. The loss came in week two, when the Pittsburgh Steelers knocked off Buffalo, 23-18. It was a home game, so any table smashing was done to dull the pain of defeat.

Buffalo next plays at NRG Stadium in Houston. The Bills are huge favorites over the Texans. Oddsmakers establishing them as 16.5 favorites. Chances are, back in Buffalo, there will be pre-game and post-game tailgating, with some folding tables sacrificing their surfaces for victory.