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Bills Fans Held Up Epic Sign Last Time Team Went to AFC Championship Game in 1994

by Matthew Wilson
(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)

What’s old is new again as the saying goes. This sign from 1994 perfectly conveys how Buffalo Bills fans are feeling after last night’s (Jan. 16) victory against the Baltimore Ravens. It was the first time the Bills have advanced to the AFC Championship since 1994.

In 1994, the Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs to take the AFC Championship. To celebrate, fans held up a sign that read “We’re Back! Deal with It America.”

Well, the Bills are indeed back. They defeated the Ravens in an outstanding show of force to clinch that AFC Championship spot for the first time in almost three decades.

The Bills won against the Ravens, 17 to 3. Saturday’s game featured a highlight-worthy pick-six that has the sports world talking. Bills’ Taron Johnson intercepted a pass, running it back for a blistering 101 yards.

“After I caught it, I definitely thought for a second I should kneel it, but I saw that open grass and at that point, I’m like okay, there’s just one person I’ve got to beat and that’s No. 8 [Lamar Jackson],” Johnson told WKBW. “Just having Tre’Davious running with me helped out a lot and he got in [Jackson’s] way and that let me run it all the way in.”

That proved to be a game-changing play and tied the NFL record for a post-season interception return

The Buffalo Bills Look Toward the Superbowl

Of course, the Buffalo Bills aren’t happy with just an AFC Championship appearance. They want to win the AFC and then the Super Bowl itself. Right now, the Bills’ destiny is in their own hands. Should they go all the way, they would make franchise history.

“We’re not done yet,” Bills corner Taron Johnson told reporters after the win. “We’re trying to get to the big show.”

The Bills have never won a Super Bowl before despite four consecutive appearances in the 1990s. The last time they made a Super Bowl appearance was in 1994 as well. That year, the team took the Kansas City Chiefs in the Championship before moving forward to the main event.

Either the Chiefs or the Cleveland Browns stand in the way of the Bills and another Super Bowl appearance. Those two teams will face off later today (Jan. 17).