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Bills Mafia Helped Shovel Players Out of Snow Ahead of Detroit Game: WATCH

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Remember back when the Buffalo Bills had to move their home game to Detroit because of snow? Bills Mafia had it handled. On social media, posts poured in showing NFL fans digging, shoveling, and plowing snow out of driveways. Now we have the full story.

On the Buffalo Bills YouTube page, the team detailed the good Samaritans that make up Bills Mafia. No one goes harder for their NFL team than the Mafia and they proved that in November. Leading up to their game with the Cleveland Browns, the weather threatened to ruin the home-field advantage.

It was Thursday, and the Bills were planning on playing at home. Then, reality set in when the snow started to fall on Friday. Thankfully, the Bills players live in one of the best places a pro athlete can live in terms of neighborly support.

These folks knew that the team had to make it to the airport if they had any chance of playing in Detroit on Sunday. It doesn’t help that these players have driveways that are hundreds of feet long. Watch below.

From tractors to plows, shovels, and more. Bills Mafia got the job done.

Bills Mafia Dealing With Von Miller News

While it is great to see Bills Mafia show out for the team, there is something they can’t help Buffalo with – injuries. The latest injury news comes in the form of Von Miller’s season-ending knee injury. Down a defensive star, the rest of the season is going to be a little tougher for the Bills.

Fans were torn apart when they heard the news. Miller is a beloved player no matter where he suits up. Losing him at this point in the year is a hard pill to swallow. Then again, when you have Josh Allen at quarterback, anything is possible.

Bills Mafia is going to be ride or die with this team the rest of the way. They have shoveled them out of snow, and they will do whatever they can to help their team win.