WATCH: Bills Quarterback Case Keenum Goes Undercover, Gets Autographs from Teammates

by Patrick Norton

Training camp provides an opportunity for roster hopefuls to solidify their standing as roster guarantees. But for Buffalo Bills backup quarterback Case Keenum, another NFL training camp means valuable reps and gaining familiarity with his first-year teammates.

However, the importance of building a rapport with receivers just in case of midseason catastrophe doesn’t mean the environment isn’t full of laughter. For Keenum and the team’s social media accounts, fun means going undercover around his teammates.

Posing as a die-hard with a southern accent at Buffalo’s camp in Rochester, New York, Keenum sports a pair of shades and a bucket hat to conceal his identity. The journeyman quarterback jokes, “Nobody knows who I am. It’s great.” With a football and Sharpie marker in hand, Keenum approaches his unaware teammates.

Targeting wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie first, Keenum says, “I’m a big fan of yours.” The receiver signs the ball before quickly moving on. Keenum goes back to McKenzie asking for a clearer signature on the ball, but the sixth-year pro catches on. McKenzie looks the “fan” in the face and bluntly asks, “Is this Case?”

The team shared the quick clip of Keenum’s interactions on Twitter with a full version on YouTube. In one scene, a staff member accosts Keenum, believing in the disguise and thinking a fan reached a restricted area.

However, the best moment of the video comes when the backup asks starting QB Josh Allen for his John Hancock. But Allen quickly recognizes the face of the man he sits with in quarterback meetings.

Case Keenum’s Gag on Par with Rest of Bills Training Camp

While Keenum’s undercover video certainly provided a healthy dose of laughter, it isn’t the only zany occurrence at Bills camp. Over the weekend, one fan chucked a football at Allen for a signature. Clearly unhappy with the incident, Allen quickly shouted back at the fan before carrying on with his walk into the locker area.

But the quarterbacks don’t deserve all of the offseason credit and spotlight. In a harmless edition of rookie hazing, the team’s freshman offensive linemen serenaded the rest of the team meeting with a shirtless rendition of Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.”