WATCH: Bills Receiver Stefon Diggs Shares Special Moment with 5-Year-Old Fan Who Recently Lost His Father

by Dustin Schutte

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs showed us all why sports are so important. Multiple times this week, the two-time NFL Pro Bowl selection spent time with a 5-year-old fan who recently and unexpectedly lost his father.

On Monday, Diggs spent a few moments with Aydin Laborde after practice, grabbing him from the stands and sharing a few words with the young fan. Then, on Friday, Aydin returned to practice and the receiver visited with him again.

On the second interaction, Diggs autographed Aydin’s jersey. Those are the kind of moments that are most important in sports. The Bills receiver showed an incredible amount of kindness to the young fan and his family this week.

The GoFundMe page for the family says that Aydin’s father, Nicholas Laborde, passed away on March 3 unexpectedly. He is survived by his significant other, Alma Duric, and two sons, Aydin and Jaxon.

Diggs provided Aydin and his family with moments they’ll never forget. It just goes to show how little moments in sports can go such a long way.

Stefon Diggs Joins List of Players Showing Compassion

Some of the most heartwarming moments in the NFL come during training camp. Yes, players are putting a ton of effort on the field, but this is also the point in the year when they’re able to enjoy a little more fan interaction.

Quarterbacks Justin Fields (Chicago Bears) and Russell Wilson (Denver Broncos) recently showed their kindness, much like Stefon Diggs. Fields had the opportunity to meet his No. 1 fan recently, who was completely decked out in the quarterback’s gear.

In Denver, Wilson helped 7-year-old fan Noah celebrate his birthday. He gifted the young fan an autographed football, posed for pictures and signed his helmet, as well.

The games are important. The final scores matter. Nobody will ever argue against that. But the time that Diggs, Fields, Wilson and so many others take to interact with young fans … that all means so much more.