Bills vs. Rams on TNF: Watch Fans Get Into Intense Brawl

by Sean Griffin

Last night, the Buffalo Bills gave the Los Angeles Rams all they could handle in the NFL‘s 2022 debut. The Buffalo Bills nearly doubled the Rams in total yardage (413 to 243), and the final score ended up 31-10 after a tied 10-10 halftime score. However, the on-field Bills’ mauling of the Rams wasn’t the only brawl that happened at SoFi Stadium last night.

Outside of the stadium, an intense brawl between fans occurred in this viral clip captured by former NFL star and media personality Emmanuel Acho.

Not only do we see fans duking it out on the streets of LA, we also get commentary from former NFL All-Pro running back and Bills player LeSean McCoy, who was with Acho during the fight.

The fight clip can be viewed below.

In the video, we see a few fans of the Bills and Rams fighting in a busy intersection as fans exit the stadium. In the clip, a Bills fan punches a man in a black t-shirt, instigating the scuffle. Then, another man in a Rams jersey runs over to the Bills fan. However, the Bills fan rears back and connects with the Rams fan, sending him to the ground.

Bystanders quickly break up the skirmish shortly after, and Emmanuel Acho pans to his buddy LeSean McCoy, who looks bewildered by the fight.

Fans React to Wild Fight Video Outside of SoFi Stadium

“Where are we going?” LeSean asks as Emmanuel starts laughing. LeSean then comments, “They can’t fight,” laughing at the lack of fighting prowess both parties showed. Acho pans back to the scene and then ends the video.

Fans on Twitter shared their opinions of the viral brawl. One fan remarked at how the Bills fan seemed to have the upper-hand in the fight. “Did the rams get beat twice lol,” they asked.

One fan remarked how these types of fights happen in all pro cities, not just the ones with reputations for rowdy fans. “And they say Philadelphia is bad lol.”

“Wild?,” one fan wrote. “Looked like dancing to me!!!”

“I see a lot of running away from each other anyway,” another fan wrote.

“Yessirrr NFL is back,” one user tweeted.

The Rams fans had good reason to be upset, however. After narrowly defeating Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals in last year’s Super Bowl, the home team suffered what appears to be a championship hangover.

Stafford didn’t look as crisp throwing the ball, while Josh Allen shined, going 26-31 and tossing three touchdowns and 297 yards. Allen’s two picks on the night could both be blamed on the receivers. Buffalo’s offense and defense fired on all cylinders in Thursday’s matchup.

The game bodes well for the defending AFC East champions, who look to build off their victory with a Monday night matchup against Tennessee on September 19. The Rams take on the Falcons in their next game as they look to rebound from yesterday’s ugly loss.