Bills WR Stefon Diggs Paying Tribute to Actor Michael K Williams With Custom Cleats: PHOTO

by Kati Michelle

News first broke of the death of Michael K Williams about a week ago. Early reports suspected a drug overdose, but in the days following, professionals pursued a criminal investigation. Before his untimely death, the “Wire” star talked about collaborating on a few different projects with the NYPD. Now, even in the wake of his passing, Michael K. Williams is expected to win an Emmy for his outstanding contributions to the entertainment world.

Many stars continue to post tributes and emotional memories with the late actor across their social media platforms. These include the likes of “Yellowstone” actress Hassie Harrison, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Edward Norton. Stefon Diggs, Wide Receiver of the Buffalo Bills, joins these celebrities by offering up a special tribute of his own.

Art Keeps Memory of Michael K Williams Alive

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Stefon Diggs often makes statements with his cleats. According to the Buffalo News, Stefon changed up his cleats as much as weekly in previous seasons. In a past game against the Los Angels Rams, Diggs chose to show off artwork from the rapper Action Bronson’s “Only for Dolphins” album. He also wore Elvis-themed cleats for a game against Tennessee. He doesn’t just focus on musicians, however. Some cleats also involved horror movies like “Friday the 13th” and comedies like “The Hangover.” The Minnesota Vikings page actually took the time to break down a list of the top 50 most iconic cleats from his collection. Check it out here.

While most of the shoes feature quirky designs just for fun, some of them hold deeper messages. His newest pair, for example, pays tribute to the late Michael K. Williams in a really special way. The cleats feature a completely white base, but then an overlay consisting of black and gray designs. More specifically, the design features characters from Williams’ hit series, “The Wire.” There’s also a striking quote featured on the cleats, which states that “a man must have a code.”

The Bleacher Report shared a couple of snaps of the special cleats and you can admire their handiwork here:

The Sports Community Bands Together

Football isn’t the only sport hosting tributes to the late Michael K. Williams. Actually, an Orioles announcer recently did something really special at a baseball game. After a player hit a home run, the announcer quickly fired off the following: “If you come at the king, you best not miss.” The line, of course, comes from one of Williams’ most iconic characters.

You can check out the special moment caught on video here: