Auburn QB Bo Nix Pulls Off Sideline-to-Sideline Scramble Before Throwing TD

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

SEC football is dirty work. Against the LSU Tigers, Bo Nix put his Auburn Tigers on his back and made an insane throw. After avoiding a sack about four or five times, the QB slings the ball in a desperation heave.

It isn’t often you see video game-like plays in college football. However, this Nix throw is one of those. He probably ran 30 yards himself, at least in the backfield. Then he nails the throw to hit his tight end, Tyler Fromm, in the endzone.

If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Tyler Fromm is the brother of former Georgia QB, Jake Fromm. The eldest is now a backup QB for the Buffalo Bills. It really is a wonder how Bo Nix got that throw away. Kudos to his TE for moving the entire play.

When taking on the LSU Tigers, you need any help you can get. While it wasn’t pretty, the throw got the points. Last week, Auburn almost lost to the Georgia State Panthers. After going down 24-12 at halftime, they had to play from behind all second half. Nix was benched in that game.

So Auburn fans have to be excited to see their quarterback slinging the ball with confidence. That really does take confidence to not fold after those first two half-tackles. Then, to get the throw off, that takes control and a mind for where you are on the field. A wonderful throw.

Bo Nix, Auburn Fight For SEC Standing

Right now, Bo Nix and Auburn are in a fight for SEC standings. They are usually one of the top-5 teams in the conference. Each year they have to play a tough schedule in the SEC West. Alabama in the Iron Bowl is always a showdown.

This year, they have to prove their worth. The SEC seems to be having a great season. There are a number of teams fighting for top-25 rankings and Auburn is no different. However, with Ole Miss, Arkansas, and now possibly Kentucky having better than average years, the Tigers might be a middle-of-the-pack team.

After this game against LSU, they have a tough set of games. Four straight games against ranked opponents. Georgia, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M all in a row. They bounce around for those games, home-away-home-away. That will be a tough schedule. Bo Nix is going to have a lot of work to do to get Auburn back to the top of the SEC standings.

It is hard to believe that the college football regular season is almost halfway over. However, Week 6 is next week. Auburn gets down with Georgia. The Bulldogs might be the best team in the country. They took down the upstart Razorbacks 37-0 after scoring 21 points in the first quarter.